Election 2012

$10,000 is A Lot of Money

The Republican presidential frontrunner has so much money, he can casually place $10,000 bets on national television.

DES MOINES — This should play well to the 99% crowd: without skipping a beat at the Saturday night debate here, Mitt Romney held out his hand and offered to bet Rick Perry $10,000 that he didn’t change the health care text in his book..

In a throwback to debates from the late summer, Perry was attacking Romney over a claim that Romney changed the text his book, No Apology between hardback and softcover editions to delete a line about taking his Massachusetts health care plan to the whole country.

Romney said the story was not true and bet Perry $10,000 Perry couldn’t prove.

The Democrats are jumping all over this, and rightfully so. Remember when McCain couldn't count all of the houses he owns? This is just as bad.

  • D_C_Wilson

    OT, but what about the applause Newt got for repeating his desire to replace union janitors with poor elementary school kids.

  • I have to agree with Dougj on Balloon Juice:

    Everyone’s talking about Romney’s 10K bet last night, but I don’t think it hurts him much with Republican voters. It just shows that he knows how to make it rain. Where’s your spare 10 G’s, bitch?

  • eljefejeff

    I hate to defend Romney, but haven’t we all made “I’ll bet you a zillion dollars that…” kind of bets? I find it hard to believe he was seriously making a $10,000 bet right there on national tv

    • Torsloke

      Your example proves the opposite of your point. If you and I were betting, and I were confident of my position, but had no intention of actually wagering I’d use “gajillion” or some concrete number equally as fantastic, i.e. a million dollars so that you’d know I wasn’t actually intending to wager. But if I offered to bet you a concrete amount that you and I both know is within our respective budgets, i.e. $5 or $100, then you would know that I intend to actually wager that amount. The point is, Romney didn’t say a gajillion, or whatever would be his concrete equivalent (a hundred billion?), he wagered the concrete amount of $10,000.

      • eljefejeff

        “Your example proves the opposite of your point.”

        I don’t see how that ‘proves’ anything. I didn’t offer proof and neither did you. We have different opinions of Romney’s intent. It’s funny, earlier in the day yesterday, I bet my son $1000 that he couldn’t flip a coin 10 straight times and get all heads. That’s out of my price range and his, but I clearly was not serious, and I didn’t say zillion or gajillion either. So it is possible to make ridiculous bets while sticking to actual dollar amounts.

        Maybe he does routinely make $10,000 bets, although as a Mormon that would be against their rules, and he does seem fairly devout. I’ve just decided to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. There are plenty of other reasons that he would be a disastrous president. McCain losing track of his number of houses was much different.

        • Torsloke

          Exactly. $1000 is out of your price range and your son’s, making it equally clear as if you had bet a zillion dollars that you did not intend an actual wager. $10,000 is not remotely out of Romney’s or Gingrich’s price range. Therefore, it signaled a clear intent to wager an amount Romney believes to be legitimate, but that you or I would consider exorbitant. The only point of the article is how out of touch Romney is to use $10,000 as his amount. The fact that you, as I assume a member of the 99% would choose $1,000, proves (yes, proves) exactly how out of touch Romney is.

  • I thought the GOP liked lying? Another swipe at Foxnews by Romney, as in, “If I am going down, I am going down exposing Foxnews Lies.”
    Could it be? And the 10K is kind of a coincidental amount to Perry’s famous ” I can not be bought for 10K” line.

  • Did I correctly hear Rick Perry claim that the trouble in the Middle East began with President Obama?

  • His ‘Let ’em eat cake’ mentality is showing – and it will be the end of him as a potential candidate.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I don’t think it’ll be his Maria Antoinette impersonation that will do him in. I still think the majority of the republican base will want anyone to run against the Scary Kenyan Atheist Muslim except a Mormon.