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RELM_buttonAnything Can Happen: Chez is back; The Bombshell Russia CIA Story; Trump goes to war against the CIA; Russia can blackmail Trump and the RNC; Putin exploited American stupidity; Czars vs Hackers; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; Alex Jones actually thinks conspiracies require evidence; Kanye West at Trump Tower; Chez and free speech; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Badgerite

    There was a good article at Medium by Sunil Paul entitled We Can Fix It: Saving The Truth From The Internet. He has concrete suggestions based on how the internet managed to fight back against the spam abuse epidemic that clogged emails early on. His thinking: We broke it. We can fix it.
    It is worth a read. He looks at how one persons picture of some buses parked near where there was a protest march against trump went viral and was used as evidence that the protesters were paid by George Soros. The buses were actually there for some conference at a nearby hotel and when that was found it the lie was already viral and believed. What he suggests is something like a filter of checking and then labeling of untrustworthy posts based on past record and connections to other unreliable sites. It is worth thinking about. This person was involved in successful efforts to curb spam abuse so he knows what he is talking about and is someone who should be listened to about this issue.

  • katanahamon

    Yes, dumb. The bubbles provided by our “new Information Age” have allowed people to exist in whatever ignorance they want to wallow in. Still, I don’t believe that Pussygrabber got that many votes. If there isn’t an instantly verifiable “chain of custody” on all votes, we need to declare the election invalid, Obama stays in power until the election can be redone. That simple.

    Why does Pussygrabber keep wanting his family involved, and present, and in power with him? He’s senile, and they are the ones he trusts to cover it up.

    We’ve had an election stolen before with disastrous results, why are we going to allow this travesty to continue? Electors, don’t vote for Pussygrabber, first, and see how that goes.

  • NotALiar

    absolutely love the show. not so sure about the bubble genius jesus baby commercial. 🙂

  • Emily333

    So I’m thinking about the Constitution. It seems like the second amendment needs to be looked at. The electoral college maybe needs to be reconsidered. And now … the first amendment maybe needs tweaking? Does anyone besides me see a pattern here? After almost 250 years, maybe things have reached a place where we need some adjustments? Big changes start with the smallest steps. Let’s start a discussion…

    • Badgerite

      Constitutionally speaking, I don’t think we should be tinkering with the First Amendment. With this current GOP we would probably end up with a provision about ‘protecting’ the Flag or some such bullshit like that.
      There are private ways and commercial ways that the internet could be made more honest. And those should be explored before we decide we want the government involved. IMO. To me, the First Amendment is the bedrock of our republic. I’m not ready to give up on it by any means.

  • Cybercarl4

    World of Trump

  • Cybercarl4

    Trump is an inspiration for making t-shirts.

  • BTW, I’m trying to buy a house and we are completely relying on a particular HUD loan that will probably go away under Trump. My hubby and I are RACING to find a home that we can afford in AZ before the inauguration and before the mortgage rate skyrockets that isn’t fucking falling apart. On top of that I’m limited to where I can look for a house (a 5 mi circumference specified in a custody settlement) to a pricey zip code. Right now I’m hating on America and AZ in particular.

  • Yes, we are THAT dumb.

    I totally agree. I don’t feel I can ever trust the aggregators again, including Nate Silver.

    The ONLY way to institute a “checker of the fact checkers” would be to do something like this. Form a non-profit, multi-partisan, non-governmental organization that ONLY accepts donations from the public. Like the Better Business Bureau for news orgs. They should not accept donations from corporations, politicians, foreign governments or PACS. Members of the org should have term limits and get compensated at a fair wage for the time they put into it (how that gets determined, I don’t know, average for non-profit orgs?). However, the management of said organization does NOT get compensated much beyond the rank and file (like too many heads of non-profits do and become wealthy). Management should be rotated out periodically. Can’t have them in there for life. A certain percentage of members should be representative of average Americans. And even then, the far right and left would complain it’s rigged. Still it would be a start.

  • JayKay

    “We don’t care anymore…”

    …until Net Neutrality comes back around.

  • Aynwrong

    I have to wonder if it will ever get so burning to the ground bad that this will be abandoned as an excuse and a defense for the Orange Saviour:

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I’ll say it Bob, Obama may not have been really experienced, but then he also wasn’t insane, like (the) Rump. We are going to swear-in a total nutbag in Jan. God help us all! BTW, Great show!!

  • Christina Knapp

    the Election should start all over again OR at the very least FFvonClownstick should be sent to
    Live in exile in Russia and we get back Snowden!

  • Christina Knapp

    Fabulous-thanks for making me almost laugh in this ludicrous and beyond surreal time

  • A referendum on tradition?
    A twitter buddy said it best for me: “Trump was elected by the raging past” – except that “The Raging Past” was really just the over-arching theme. Attacks on The Media, and Rat-Fucking w/ Fake News & Trolling, and Hacking, and Voter Suppression (etc) were all put together to set the table for an electorate that’s become an impossible combination of cynicism and gullibility.

    We are in a pretty little pickle here, kids.

  • Badgerite

    “My generals”. WTF. OUR generals. As in We the People’s generals. Not “my” generals. Christ. Banana republic.

    • notanncoulter

      i parsed that as ‘my genitals’.

      • With Herr Gropenfuhrer it’s an understandable mistake.

  • Badgerite

    What concerns me the most is that the voting system itself is not reliable and under people who benefited from that unreliability, it is not likely to be made secure.
    There should be a national law requiring a trail for all voting machines that can be audited upon the request of either party. In the age of international digital hacking on a scale not previously seen, it would seem the least that could be done to ensure no foreign meddling in American elections. Those who benefit from a corrupt system are not likely to change that system to make it less corrupt. Especially if they are convinced that they have “God” on their side. The most concerning thing about this election is that it can’t rely be trusted as the will of the people. The popular vote is so in the opposite direction it appears to be a subversion of democracy more than anything else. And the party now in charge of all three branches of government benefited from this.

  • Yes, I know I forgot the president pro tem in the presidential order of succession. Sue me.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Not gonna sue you—–how ’bout forgive you? Anybody can make a mistake like that, it’s easy. Done it myself—-often.

      • It’s so easy, just about everybody forgets about the president pro tem. I do.

        It’s kind of ironic, because Andrew Johnson survived his impeachment proceedings due to then President Pro Tem Benjamin Wade being utterly unacceptable to the rest of the Republican Party as POTUS. Why? Wade was generally a party man, but had extremely radical views, such as support for women’s suffrage.

    • I consider forgetting Orrin Hatch a pretty good idea generally.