JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, 2017 was the costliest year on record for natural disasters in the United States totaling $306 billion in damage. The previous record was set in 2005 with $215 billion in damage.

Meanwhile, Trump's lawyers have begun searching for ways to prevent Trump from being interviewed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. They're afraid Trump will run his mouth and perjure himself as he tends to do on a daily basis.

Finally, a federal judge has dismissed charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his two sons who led the armed standoff against Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents in 2014.

I can only think this will lead to more standoffs with the federal government.

  • That cartoon is FAKE NEWS!!

    Melania doesn’t sleep in the same room as Trump.

  • Badgerite

    You know, we already know the main contention of the book Fire and Fury, that trump is incompetent, unfit and probably suffering from dementia is true. But just how nuts the people around him like Bannon are is quite amazing and worth the read.
    Bannon really thought that this would be his moment to reshape the world and ally with Russia against China. Just the opposite has actually occurred. China loves trump. He has taken the US out of the world equation almost completely and certainly out of the Asian sphere of economic and military influence that China is looking to put together. Bannon is quite the fruitcake himself. And here we have Bannon comparing China to Nazi Germany of the 1930s. So there’s that.

    • I always felt that China would be the big winner if Trump was elected and it made me wonder if Putin realized it or not. So even if he takes us out, does he think that China will just lay down for him as well or did he not care? Did Putin simply want to hurt the US so badly that he was willing to risk losing worldwide hegemony to China? He’s far too savvy not to have understood what the outcomes would be. If I were a betting gal, I would say it’s a little bit of both Putin knew that China would benefit and that so long as he could control Europe and the Middle East while China took control of Asia and South America, he was fine with that. And the next Russian dictator could take China head on if they wanted to. And his plan to take the US out of the world equation succeeded beyond his wildest dreams thanks to ignorant white rubes and a feckless rich man-baby.

  • muselet

    US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro didn’t really have much choice but to dismiss criminal charges. The prosecutors (and the FBI) withheld evidence during discovery. Saying the government botched the prosecution is an understatement.

    Charlie Pierce:

    There is one king irony to this whole thing: Cliven Bundy and his family and his spavined cattle are all free now because the system he was so hell-bent on defying actually works. I think the cattle will understand this before he does.

    And yes, heavily-armed morons will see this as a green light for defying the feds. I say the prosecutors who played hide-the-ball during the Bundy trial should be put on the front line the next time some gun-lickers decide they don’t have to follow laws they don’t like.


    • Pierce is a national treasure. He makes me laugh. And I agree, the Prosecutors are definitely to blame. This should have been a simple case and they effed it up.

  • Aynwrong

    We live in a country with millions of rubes citizens who believe that global warming is a hoax but voter fraud is real.

    We live in a country with millions of rubes citizens who believe that trickle down economics works as advertised but white privilege is a myth.

    We live in a country with millions of rubes citizens who believe that Trump is smart.

    I need a beer.

    • Victor the Crab

      We need something much stronger than beer. How ’bout a tall Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum with some chilled A&W Diet Root Beer? “Cuz that’ll do the trick.

      • Aynwrong

        I’m giving rubbing alcohol some serious consideration.

  • Victor the Crab

    Where else but in the Good Ol’ U S of A can a bunch of white, whinny baby asswipes point their assault penis extenders against federal agents and claim liberty and freedom against the government and, in the end, walk away scot free. But a black man gets pulled over by the police and gets gunned downed in cold blood in front of his wife and children, and the judge and jury declare the cop not guilty of killing him because something, something.