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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonCarol Burnett's Batphone -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton is here with an EXCLUSIVE story about singer Ryan Adams and the sex related charges against him; McCabe, Trump and the 25th Amendment; The Deep State Coup narrative kicks in; Trump begged Lou Dobbs and Hannity for help; Alex Jones will be deposed under oath; Crazies In Cars Getting Conspiracies; Paul Manafort stripped of plea deal; Direct vs Circumstantial Evidence; Trump's poll numbers are up and everything sucks; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Jody, I’m so sorry about your sister. The thing with Ryan is all too familiar..I was dating seriously at the time I needed a serious surgery, and I got dumped that week and went to my surgery alone, went home in a taxi after three days in the hospital, recovered alone. People generally suck. I watched Facebook during my recovery and my work colleagues raised money for stray animals, had all these causes, yet I sat at home alone and really needed help, or even some food. That’s when I quit that realizing it’s only a forum for self gratification and boasting or attacking others.

  • katanahamon

    Rump and the redhats try to use the constitution like these freaks that say they’re “traveling,” not driving, picking and choosing things in the constitution to say that they are “free citizens” that laws don’t apply to. In other words, f’ing crazy. Time to turn up the heat on the impeachment burners, move them to the front and get on this. Statins in older people make mental degrading issues worse. Plus whatever else he’s taking. He was senile at the beginning of his term, he clearly has speaking and reading and comprehension issues. I’m flashing back to those debates with Hillary, where she tried to give well measured, intelligent answers, and Rump acted like a crazy stalker, and how obvious it was then he was a crazy buffoon and utterly unsuited for the presidency. This has all been so..wasteful and destructive. Now it’s only a matter of time that a horrific economic recession hits us as a direct result of Rump’s stupid policies, tariffs and tax cuts. An economic time bomb.

    Guns, healthcare for all, climate..real emergencies we can call in the future.

  • Michael B Conway

    Murders murders murders killings murders bees bees bees millions of bees!