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50 Former GOP Officials Sign Anti-Trump Opposition Letter

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

50 national security and foreign policy officials who served in Republican administrations from Nixon to W. have signed a letter stating that they will not support or vote for Donald Trump.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Trump, the officials warn, “would be the most reckless president in American history.”

The letter says Mr. Trump would weaken the United States’ moral authority and questions his knowledge of and belief in the Constitution. It says he has “demonstrated repeatedly that he has little understanding” of the nation’s “vital national interests, its complex diplomatic challenges, its indispensable alliances and the democratic values” on which American policy should be based. And it laments that “Mr. Trump has shown no interest in educating himself.”

Trump has responded to the letter by saying he wasn't going to hire any of them anyway, but that's part of the problem.

It's not that everyone who signed the letter has an excellent record (Tom Ridge can take his color coded terror alerts and shove them up his ass), they simply don't represent an existential threat to the United States and the sovereignty of our European allies in the way Donald Trump does.

There's a curve or gradient to consider here. On one hand you have an assortment of on-again, off-again neocons who have gotten everything wrong, and on the other hand you have Donald Trump who also gets everything wrong, but when Donald Trump gets something wrong the results can be fatal.

The record of missteps committed by these officials, as egregious as they may be, are spilled milk compared to what President Trump could unleash on the world. That's how bad the Republican presidential nominee is.

It's amazing to think that if you go back just 10 years, elected Republicans would have sworn complete fealty to these national security and foreign policy officials, but today they aren't even remotely on the same page. Elected Republicans in Congress today care more about repealing Obamacare than stopping threats to civilization, whether it's climate change or Donald Trump.

I'll take every voice there is in opposition to Trump, but that doesn't mean their misdeeds should be forgiven or forgotten.

  • Ted

    I’m beginning to not trust the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Meg Whitman, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, the Georges Bush, security “experts”, etc.

    SHAME ON YOU RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) You refuse to support your candidate, Donald Trump, thus assuring a victory for the Democrats.

    You need to take a lesson from the Democrats.

    They will support their dishonest, duplicitous, crooked, double-tongued, underhanded, sneaky, dishonorable, corrupt, two-faced, deceitful, lying, cheating, two-timing, double-dealing, misrepresenting, prevaricating, stealing, yellow-dog candidate no matter what she says or does.

    You find fault with Trump and twist his words and fall right in with the Democrats who are playing the Race Card, the Gender Card, the Woman Card, and the Phobia Card.

    You will be the first ones to moan and complain when Hillary appoints liberal/progressive Justices to the Supreme Court, increases the National Debt and Government Spending, further reduces our Second Amendment rights, and imposes more and more Government controls and regulations, just like Obama. But, by then it will be too late.

  • Badgerite

    The danger this ‘man’ poses transcends party politics. As American citizens, we should thank these people for saying so.

  • muselet

    Such a mature, thoughtful response from Donald Trump:

    “Well, I respond by saying that I wasn’t using any of them and they would have loved to have been involved with the campaign,” Trump said. “But I wasn’t using. I had no interest in using. Look where the country is now on national policy. Look what we are in defense. Look where we are. Look at the mess we are in. Whether it’s the Middle East or anyone else.”

    “And these were the people that have been there a long time,” he continued. “Washington establishment people that have been there for a long time. Look at the terrible job they’ve done. I hadn’t planned on using any of these people.”

    “They don’t feel relevant because of that and they form a group and they go out and try to get some publicity for themselves and they hope that somebody else other than Trump wins because that way they can get a job,” he added.

    Say what you will about the fifty GOPers who signed that —and there’s lots to say—at least they have knowledge and experience in national security. A sane candidate would have thanked them for their service to the nation and then expressed respectful disagreement. A dangerous dimwit would accuse them of causing every (mostly imaginary) problem in the world, then says they’re angling for jobs.

    Donald Trump must never be elected President of the United States.


    • ninjaf

      I have to say that Trump blames them for the creation of ISIS (which is actually true; even a blind squirrel gets a nut); but at the same time he continues to blame HRC. These two things can’t be true but his supporters have no ability to string together a cogent argument so he will continue to earn their rabid support.