A Close Second to Rick Perry in Executions

Stephen Colbert lays out who he thinks would be the ideal running-mate for the GOP presidential nominee.

“That’s right, the angel of death. Clearly, he is popular with the GOP base this year. He’s got all of the qualifications they are looking for. He’s old and bone white. He’s packing a weapon, he’s got an incredible war record and believe me, no one wants to get rid of Obamacare more than this guy."

  • dildenusa

    The tea party republic leadership in congress wants a lawless, anarchistic, business environment in the US so that consumers can be herded into smaller and smaller demographic slices to become captives of the corporatist fascist state.

    Despite the fact that corporate America wanted congress to raise the debt ceiling, the tea party republic insisted on holding 98% of the population of the US and the majority of the world’s population hostage.

    The tea party republic has clearly returned US to the days of 1858-1859 when the southern democrats held the nation hostage over slavery. We are moving into a new civil war era.