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A “Meaningless Award from a Meaningless Magazine.” Except for Me.

According to Glenn Greenwald, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award is a “meaningless award from a meaningless magazine,” however he does believe that they should have chosen Edward Snowden for the meaningless award in the meaningless magazine.

In an email to TPM, Greenwald, who has reported extensively on the National Security Agency’s top secret surveillance programs revealed by Snowden, said that the selection was motivated by Time’s desire to be “relevant” — if only for a moment.


“But for the reasons which the New Yorker’s John Cassidy, the New York Times’ Margaret Sullivan, and the Washington Post’s Andrea Peterson all stated, Snowden is clearly, by far, the person who has most influenced this year’s news events. If it were a serious magazine with minimally brave editors, then of course Snowden would have been chosen, but I never expected him to be precisely because that’s not what TIME is.”

And if they had chosen Edward Snowden, Time Magazine would be revered as a serious magazine with serious editors, so sayeth Glenn Greenwald. But since they didn’t, it’s a meaningless rag. Obviously.

They may have chosen Pope Francis rather than Edward Snowden because Pope Francis could potentially change the lives of people worldwide and permanently alter the face of the church while Edward Snowden hasn’t change anyone’s life. Snowden hasn’t even changed policy unless you count a deepening of secrecy inside the intelligence community and loud noises made during congressional hearings that lead nowhere because Congress was already aware of current policy.

Edward Snowden is a treasonous tool with delusions of grandeur who, after being employed by the intelligence community for years, suddenly had a change of heart (after President Obama was reelected) and stole sensitive national security documents. Through his exploits, he handed a PR victory to foreign powers. He betrayed his colleagues, his family, his girlfriend, his country, and his employer. His flight of fancy has also cost American businesses billions of dollars.

Snowden’s legacy amounts to a Summer of excellent page views for The Guardian, a wealth of fan fiction, a boon for adversarial intelligence agencies, and Glenn Greenwald’s meal-ticket. He’ll barely register in the margins of history while Pope Francis could leave a permanent mark.

The Vatican still has a long way to go, but I don’t view this as even being a contest. Snowden wouldn’t even register on my short-list of considerations.

We can all read more about the true Person of the Year, Saint Edward Snowden, when Greenwald’s new “journalism” venture launches. It promises to be a biased, all-you-can-eat paranoid shitheap paralleled only by the echo chambers of Fox News.


  • silly

    whats with your obsession with greenwald? seems like the sour grapes are yours and sibel edmunds. are you guys hurt snowden didn’t come to you for his doc dump? sure does look that way.
    “They may have chosen Pope Francis rather than Edward Snowden because Pope Francis could potentially change the lives of people worldwide and permanently alter the face of the church while Edward Snowden hasn’t change anyone’s life. Snowden hasn’t even changed policy unless you count a deepening of secrecy inside the intelligence community and loud noises made during congressional hearings that lead nowhere because Congress was already aware of current policy.”
    well the fact that pope francis can “potentially change the lives of people” WOW winning an award for something you may do in the future! awesome!!! as for the congress critters knowing about all this you must have been sleeping. many of them that are involved in the intelligence committees have said they had no idea of the scope of NSA spying. just like sibel you are trying to somehow use Glenn Greenwald to look relevant but actually you are looking like you are on the side of the feds and gov who are trying to slander him and snowden. as for snowden being a traitor, i guess you don’t believe in whistle blowing, chelsea manning, wiki leaks must be bad as well.
    (IMHO they all just might be controlled dumps by the feds but that is another story)
    Bob, time to grow up and find fame your own way. stop riding other peoples coat tails, but i guess if it gets people to actually read your smut then i guess i can’t blame you….

  • Frito

    Bob Cesca, one of the most in-your-face propagandists for the Democratic Party, putting scary quotes on “journalism”, and attacking others for being biased. Truly astounding.

  • Frito

    Bob, your obsession with Greenwald strikes me as a bit odd. You talk more about him than about the actual story. A lot of the more important developments are simply not mentioned on your blog, while every burp or fart produced by GG merits a whiny butthurt post,I think you should take a step back and look at what you’re doing – it’s not reflecting very well upon you.

    On an unrelated note, you seem to have plenty of time for complaining about GG/ Snowden and promoting the Catholic Church, but I see no mention of the latest drone strike snafu on your alleged “liberal” blog.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Greenwald still strikes me as the kind of person who never got over being the last one chosen for kickball in the 4th grade.

  • js hooper

    Don’t kid yourself…If Snowden had won Greenwald would still be upset it wasn’t HIM!

    He’d be trashing Snowden and spilling the beans on how it was his idea from the beginning.Greenwald is nearly 50 years old but he sounds like a whiny teenager.

  • mrbrink

    Honestly, I fucking can’t stand Time Magazine, especially for their manipulative power covers. I’m sure the psychotics love it for its cut-out ransom note potential, but for Greenwald to behave in such a way that diminishes what the pope has been doing as somehow less worthy than at least the next five runner ups combined– including himself– is cartoonishly petty and mentally fractured for a person who is supposed to be worthy of our unquestioning respect. Greenwald throwing a bitter tantrum to bully his peers and the press is what he’s been doing all along. He’s an intellectual terrorist. No prisoners. Not even the pope. You cross Greenwald and the next thing you know your head is on the hood of his twitter account. Like the Douche of New York. Let the record show that I have never once accused Glenn Greenwald of being a liberal. But Ashby sliced through this shit like Shogun Machete Assassin. I’d co-sign if there was anything left. Fuck yeah.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I stopped reading Time many years ago for many of those same reasons. People really put way too much weight on the “Person of the Year.” It’s not a fucking Nobel Prize. It’s a gimmick to get people to buy their year-end issue. It really doesn’t mean anything except as a name they pulled out of a hat to sell copy.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Can this be Glenn Greenwald’s theme song for his whine fest?

  • ChrisAndersen

    A Greenwaldian restaurant review, “The food was awful and the portions were to small.”

  • muselet

    Goodness, what a bitter little man!


    • Do you remember the show “Mad about You”? I remember only one line from it. Helen Hunt’s character says to her TV husband with the utmost scorn, “You’re a little, little man.” It was delivered so perfectly! I tried to find it in video form but failed. My google foo is weak today.

      • mrbrink


  • Lady Willpower

    Ohhhh Glenn.

  • mdblanche

    “One hot summer’s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard
    till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been
    trained over a lofty branch. ‘Just the thing to quench my thirst,’ quoth he.
    Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch.
    Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater
    success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to
    give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: ‘I am sure they
    are sour.’”

  • >>>It promises to be a biased, all-you-can-eat paranoid shitheap paralleled only by the echo chambers of Fox News.

    And will benefit precisely no one with the notable exceptions being Greenwald + friends and Pierre Omidyar. (along with the big corporations/big business in this country)

    I fucking HATE these libertarian freaks!

  • petesh

    So (according to GG), Time tried to be “relevant” by picking the Pope. Really? I mean … does even he read what he writes?

  • trgahan

    Of course Greenwald is pissed that the thing the media is moving on from is the very thing driving his speaking fees, book deal negotiations, and the cornerstone of his coming scam to split the progressive vote for 2014 and 2016….er I mean media venture.

    If Greenwald wanted HIS story on the cover he should have not reported so many things that required other news agencies to walk back, correct, clarify, or bury within 24 hours. Snowden also should have (and still should) sat down with a real journalist from a reputable news organization to be interviewed.

    The fact that Snowden and his stolen documents require so much behind the scenes managing (I thought this was all about NO SECRETS!) by Greenwald et al. is very telling to validity and veracity of their significance and the groups true motivations.

  • Sean Richardson

    I think a case could be made that even Greenwald himself would deserve it more than Snowden.

  • captkurt

    I think Greenwald is just pissed because he was not being considered for the

  • bbiemeret

    Personally, I think Miley had more of a right to it then Snowden…JK

  • Mike_Norris

    Continuing the conservative tradition of being on the wrong side of everything all the time. And sounding stupid while doing it.

    • Saren Arterius

      Greenwald might be many things, some of them flattering, many of them not, but he is definitely not a conservative.

    • silly

      there you go again hurling accusations based on nothing. GG is far from conservative and maybe if you actually read him (and that goes for almost everyone on this discussion board) you would probably like what he has to say. he has been taking folks to the wood shed for years. dem or repub it doesn’t matter, he never pulls punches. and he is all about civil liberties and undermining lies the gov produces.

  • Badgerite

    Snowden made a big splash. But in terms of actually achieving anything, it seems to me all he has really accomplished is a PR coup for foreign governments that wish to beef up their own intelligence agency surveillance of international communications along with surveillance of their own citizenry. A case in point would be Germany. According to their own version of events their intelligence agency had heretofore not been involved in spying on allies. (Yeah, right!) Now they have decided that they will cast that reticence to the wind.
    China will now move toward domestic manufacture of cell phones to use the technology revealed by Snowden to more thoroughly spy on their own.
    North Korea, the client state of China, is currently purging.(people disappearing from the podium).
    Olympic athletes are complaining that Brazilian waters are the worst polluted waters they have ever had to race in. And they have raced all over the world.
    And meanwhile, in Kiev, the Putin crusade to re lower the Iron Curtain marches on.
    There will be some tinkering with surveillance laws, I think. But I suspect it will be just that. Tinkering.
    But he did cause a lot of activity in the blogosphere and certain web sites and news organizations got a lot of attention. Achieving what, I don’t know.

  • zirgar

    If only it came wrapped in a garter, wearing high heels, in a box marked Fra-GEE-lay; then it would be a major award. Until then, Greenwald will go to great pains to talk about how it means nothing to him.

  • I think Greenwald’s “irony detector” (TM) is irretrievably broken.