A Not-So-Secret Muslim

There's using dogwhistles to imply President Obama is a secret-Muslim, and then there's simply saying he is a not-really-secret Muslim.

Today in we are still having this conversation: Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of influential preacher Billy Graham, said Tuesday he believes President Obama is a Christian, but he could actually be a Muslim, too.

“(Obama’s) said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume, you know, that he is,” Graham said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, adding that he doesn’t know whether Obama has accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. Then Graham repeated his claim that Obama’s father was a Muslim and therefore the “Muslim world sees (Obama) as a son of Islam.”

Graham said he doesn’t believe Obama is personally a Muslim, because, you know, the president has said that he is not. But he wouldn’t go so far as to say “categorically” that Obama doesn’t practice Islam.

“I can’t say categorically because Islam has gotten a free pass under Obama,”

And I can't say categorically that Franklin Grahman isn't a shapeshifting lizard than dwells underground, but I just have to assume, you know, that he isn't.

Question -- how exactly does the far right's accusation that President Obama spent "20 years listening to Reverend Wright" mesh with their simultaneous accusation of worshiping Islam? Did he begin his campaign of deception 20 years ago knowing that he would one day become president?