A Record Number of Idiots Tried to Take Guns on Planes in 2015

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

A record number of American morons attempted to carry guns onto planes with them in 2015 according to the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA agents intercepted a total of 2,653 guns at American airports in 2015 and most of them were loaded and ready to fire.

The total represented a 20% increase from the 2,212 found in 2014. The discoveries represent a steady increase from 660 guns found in 2005 through 1,123 in 2010. [...]

More than four out of five of the guns found — 2,198 or 82.8% — were loaded.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas saw the highest number of guns confiscated (153) followed by Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (144) and Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (100).

I presume 2016 will shatter the record previously held by 2015. Residents of Texas can now carry their guns almost anywhere, including psychiatric hospitals, but not on a flight.

  • Groundloop



    OK you retahds…oh I shuldn’ say dat…you know Gobbless dose mental kids and all dat, but you dorks needs to show me where it sez in da Consditution dat I can’t carry my Desert Eagle onto da plane soze I can go visit my cousin in Newark. Ya can’t do it, can ya?



    – Dan Bidondi: Still Standin’ Up to tha Gun Grabbahs

  • muselet

    I’d be surprised if many of those attempted carries were accidental.

    I’d also be surprised if any of these idiots has any idea why it’s a really bad idea to discharge a firearm inside a pressurized tube ten miles above the ground.

    Say what you will about the TSA and Security Theater, if they keep nutbars from carrying their metal death penises onto commercial airliners, it’s worth the inconvenience of taking off one’s shoes and belt.


    • metal death penises

      Thank you

      • muselet

        I don’t know if it’s his originally, but I got the phrase from Atrios.

        Hey, credit where it’s due.