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A Stork Choice

I love subversive humor, and this story is no exception, especially in cases of rape and incest, from the Huffington Post:

A reproductive health care provider in central Wisconsin was surprisingly prepared Wednesday to be picketed by anti-contraception group 40 Days For Life.

Tiffany Bredeck, a board member of Family Planning Health Services (FPHS) in Wausau, Wis., dressed up in a stork costume, whipped out a clever sign and stood on the sidewalk outside the FPHS headquarters alongside the protesters.

Image Via Family Planning Health Services Wausau, Wisconsin

Image Via Family Planning Health Services Wausau, Wisconsin

Image Via Family Planning Health Services Wausau, Wisconsin

Image Via Family Planning Health Services Wausau, Wisconsin

Earlier this year, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker cut $1 million from Planned Parenthood , forcing the closure of four Planned Parenthood facilities in the state as a result,  and forcing women in those areas to have to travel greater distances for services placing an unnecessary burden on their personal economies and general welfare.

On their website, the 40 Days For Life people state their mission:

We are praying that, with God’s help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and throughout America.

I wonder if God knows that cutting family planning services actually increases the chances for unwanted and unplanned pregnancies? Or that cutting funding for any sort of healthcare safety net in their respective Wingnut-controlled states, like denying Medicaid funds while seeking to repeal The Affordable Care Act for the 4oth time to fund some national abstinence-only program, is really just a sadistic means to a circular-attack on women and their right to privacy that includes no exceptions for rape and incest?

So much for freewill, Sister.

Next time the religious right wackaloons tell you that you can’t abort their precious immaculate Jesus babies, just tell them that “the Devil is inside you” and there’s no way in hell you’re giving birth to the next anti-Christ!

Can’t argue with that logic.

  • D_C_Wilson

    From the FPHS website FAQ page:

    1.Does FPHS provide abortion services?

    FPHS does not provide abortion services. FPHS provides all-options
    pregnancy education and supports the right of the client to make her own
    decision based on her situation. FPHS staff may not make abortion

    So, these nimrods plan on ending abortion in their city by picketing a clinic that does not perform abortions or even make abortion referrals?

  • muselet

    That is a brilliant counter-demonstration. The mockery is subtle enough not to cause tempers to flare, even among the humor-impaired, while still clear enough for the average passer-by. Brava to Tiffany Bredeck.

    The god the 40 Days For Life people worship doesn’t care about women, doesn’t care about families, doesn’t care about facts, doesn’t care about logic, doesn’t even care about children. All the god the 40 Days For Life people worship cares about is zygotes.

    In other words, their god is just as small, petty and obsessive as they are.