John McCain

A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency

One of Ambinder's readers:

I thought you might like to know that under the heading of "Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy" at the On The Issue site for her, this is what's listed:

"No issue stance yet recorded by"

As you talk about this choice with non-savvy friends or family members -- Senator Obama has run one of the most successful campaigns in the history of American politics, and he defeated the most popular Democratic brand in the world. Raises $50 million per month. Organized the most energetic, historic convention... ever. And he chose a near-perfect running mate in Senator Biden. That's his "executive" experience.

What does Governor Palin have that qualifies her to be a breath away from the presidency when two wars are being waged and the economy is disintegrating?

McCain might as well have picked Cindy McCain.

UPDATE: This is telling. Michelle Malkin's reaction:

Yes, I’m impressed. Very impressed.

Well then, case closed. Meanwhile, I'm watching the Dayton feed from MSNBC and, appropriately enough, there's a group of cheerleaders on stage. Also, the backdrop reads: "Country First." Country first? Is that why McCain chose a running mate who, only 18 months ago was the mayor of a town of 8,000 people? Try "Pandering First." Try "Desperation First."

UPDATE THE SECOND: Another name joke for you. "Quaylin."