A Matter of Principle

The Finance Committee (chaired by Max Baucus who has been bought off by the mafia) released a draft bill for healthcare reform and the public option -- not surprisingly -- is missing.

Though it requires "most" Americans to buy health insurance.

Think about the principle here: the health insurance companies buy politicians who force the rest of us to buy health insurance. And upwards of 30 percent of that money goes to private health insurance profit and overheard. Max Baucus and the phenomenally stupid "Coalition of the Willing" wants to force you to finance health insurance profit margins.

It's a crime. It's exactly like being forced to pay tribute to a mafia boss -- or else they intimidate and kill you. My first instinct would be to outright refuse to pay, simply as a matter of principle. But principle doesn't put us back together when we're sick, so we're stuck. I can't imagine anything more sinister than this.

Am I wrong?