The Media

A Word About ACORN

This might not be a very popular thing to write, but I was a little disappointed in Jon Stewart's extended bit about ACORN on The Daily Show last night.

So a few ACORN people tried to game the system, and the "dependents" thing was disturbing. But it's by no means something that deserves national scorn and outrage, especially considering the wide varieties of ways that very powerful, very white, very wealthy interests are horking billions from the system -- without impunity -- and with processes that are far more egregious than suggesting a prostitute file her tax return as a "street artist."

Furthermore, the only reason ACORN is being so heavily targeted by the wingnut right is because "ACORN" and "community organizing" are code words for "uppity black people." The wingnut scapegoating of ACORN is what prompted this hidden camera prank by those kids -- and so it's no coincidence that one of them appeared on Fox & Friends the other day.

All in all, this ACORN video thing is a non-story.