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ACC Follows the NCAA and NBA, Pulls Out of North Carolina Over HB2

We knew the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) would meet this week and discuss whether or not they should pull events from locations in North Carolina, but it wasn't clear if they would actually do so. Now we know.

The ACC has followed the NCAA and NBA and pulled the ACC championship game from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The ACC game, which was to be played Dec. 3 at Bank of America Stadium, had been expected to draw tens of thousands of fans and millions in economic impact to the city. Charlotte’s visitor arm estimates the 2015 game here had a total economic impact of $32.4 million.

This is especially significant and symbolic because the Republican-controlled state legislature and Governor McCrory passed the "bathroom bill" HB2 in response to the city of Charlotte passing their own city ordinance to prohibit discrimination. Moreover, unlike the NCAA and NBA, the ACC is based in North Carolina.

In their announcement, the ACC said the law is "inconsistent" with the values of the conference. Charlotte's city ordinance would have protected and preserved those values if the legislature and Governor McCrory had not overruled the city for no substantive reason.

There still isn't a single documented case in the entire country of a transgender person assaulting someone in the bathroom. Not one. The state legislature and Governor McCrory passed a bill to confront a non-existent threat and created their own economic and public relations disaster in the process.

More importantly, transgender and gay individuals in North Carolina are subject to state-sanctioned discrimination. HB2 did not only criminalize transgender bathroom use, it also prohibited cities from passing non-discrimination ordinances for all LGBTQ individuals.

  • ninjaf

    Voter registration deadline is October 14 in North Carolina, should anyone need to know.

    NC State Board of Elections calendar for any other dates residents might need to know:

  • Victor the Crab

    And yet, governor asswipe and his band of fellow dingleberries will simply double down and not overturn this law because “principles” and “the Baby Jesus”, and will continue to hurt the state’s economy and reputation so they can pick on “the queers”.

  • muselet

    *low whistle*

    That’ll leave a mark.

    Good on the ACC.


    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      No, don’t you see?! It’s all a liberal conspiracy to normalize aberrant unnatural behaviors so they can destroy societal norms. The breakdown of the nuclear family is step one in the plan that allows for UN intervention and the mobilization of the national guard to take away our guns and round up all us normies and lock us in FEMA trailers under the Walmart parking lot. Obama and Hillary Clinton are behind it all, of course. She has Parkinson’s and needs a supply of fresh brains to keep herself alive through ancient medical secrets she acquired from the Illuminati. Donald Trump represents the only real hope to fend off legions of Mole People as they rise up from the sewers to take our jobs and give them to China. They’ve been paving the way for years, lacing our water with flouride and poisoning our minds with chemtrails – all so they can steal our precious bodily fluids. This backlash just shows how deep the conspiracy goes.

      I bet the Jews are in on it, too.

      • Georgie

        Have you been reading the posts I get on Facebook, lol

      • muselet

        Not enough random capitalization, but otherwise spot-on.


      • ninjaf

        Oooh…and now they say they have Da Zeeeka but they are really just spraying us to keep us submissive and ready for harvesting.