Activist Judges!

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Right to cry "activism," but a silent coup is taking place at this very moment for the office of Indiana Secretary of State.

Last month, a jury found then-Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) guilty of six felony counts of voter fraud, theft, and perjury. But today, the state’s supreme court overturned a lower court’s ruling that by registering to vote at a false address, he was ineligible to run for the office. The decision means that Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) will be able to appoint a permanent replacement for White, instead of the job going to the Democratic runner-up from the November 2010 election. The unanimous court held that Democrats should have challenged his residency before the election, rather than after.

Confirmed: registering a false address in the state of Indiana does not render you ineligible to run for office in Indiana. Future candidates take note!

Apparently neither does six counts of fraud, theft, and perjury. And if you're a Republican who perpetrates those offenses, the state's supreme court will ensure your party gets to chose your replacement.

This is all quite ironic given that fraud, theft, perjury, and registering a false address would mean you are ineligible for virtually any other job in the state. Jobs that do not even include making decisions for the entire state.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Remember, republicans are taking a hard line stance against voter registration fraud!

  • mrbrink

    Rod Blagojevich reported to prison today to begin his 14 year sentence for talking about playing politics with Democrats who wanted to be legally appointed to fill Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat. They had to try Blagojevich twice to get the conviction they wanted, while Republican governors across the country are: Colluding to overthrow the vote, women’s bodies, collective bargaining, environmental protections– not simply content with their Lufthansa heist of state treasuries and resources– and no one is going to prison like Rod Blagojevich for 14 years!

    A total travesty of equal justice and equal accountability by any sane standard of constitutional ethics and morality.

    Incidentally, Republican Mark Kirk, who was voted into the Senate after all that bullshit drama despite the negative media publicity surrounding the seat, only won the Tea-party wave election of 2010 by about 2%, but he’s now sitting in a hospital for the foreseeable future while he tries to recover from a severe stroke that left his brain damaged. He apparently has no immediate plans to retire, so a U.S. senate seat in Illinois sits opportunistically vacant, in a near-vegetative state, while his website posts his legislative activities like he’s still fighting it out in the trenches everyday! like we’re not supposed to know he’s only playing “bouncy ball” under observation. He’s not passing laws, or making legal arguments, or taking stands for issues of the day, but you really wouldn’t know it by his website. It’s like they don’t want people to start thinking that brain damage is a disqualifying factor for an elected official. “no-no, it’s cool. My brain is damaged, but I can still do this job until 2016!” Ah, fuck it.

    • stacib23

      I had similar thoughts this morning while watching the spectacle that Channel 9 turned his ride to O’Hare into. 14 years as Daley and his crew remains forever free. Blagojevich was a goofball for trying to sell the seat, but I know of a child molester that was caught with the kid inside of the State of Illinois building by several Illinois sheriffs while the child was performing oral sex on him and he only got eight years of jail time.

  • Dick Lugar still claims an address he hasn’t lived at since 1979.

    • D_C_Wilson

      And Santorum used to claim a two-bedroom house in the Pittsburgh area as the residence for himself, his wife, and seven kids so that the school district had to pay for his kids’ cyber-schooling.