Add Animal Poaching to the List…

...of reasons Ted Nugent belongs in a padded cell.

Nugent has settled with federal prosecutors for illegally killing a black bear in Alaska.

Activist and musician Ted Nugent has signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors admitting he illegally shot and transported black bear in Southeast Alaska two years ago, according to the agreement.

Nugent, 63, launched an arrow at a black bear while on a bow-hunting trip with friends in Tongass National Forest in May 2009. Federal prosecutors say he wounded the bear, attracted to the hunters by a bait station. Nugent's lawyer says the arrow grazed the animal and it scampered off alive.

Whether injured or merely scratched, the bear got away. Nugent shot and killed another bear four days later. Then he put the scenes on TV. [...]

Nugent and the prosecutors now agree: The second bear was shot illegally. By striking the first bear and killing the second, Nugent exceeded his bag limit for Game Management Unit 2. Transporting the illegal second bear off federal property -- in a boat called the El Dorado -- amounted to a misdemeanor violation of the Lacey Act, the law that prohibits the sale and transport of illegally harvested wildlife and plants, among other things.

Of course this makes him an ideal Republican spokesperson, and until Mitt Romney says more than just "both sides should be civil," I have no qualms with attributing Nugent's antics to the party.

  • jasperjava

    It was a Black bear.
    It must have looked suspicious.
    Was it carrying Skittles?

  • mrbrink

    Ted Nugent’s a hunter like a child blowing up frogs and cats with m80s in the backyard is a veterinarian. He just likes killing defenseless creatures and calls it “hunting.” Real hunters, who respect the animal, the environment, the varying regulations, and the spirit of the kill look at Ted Nugent like that future serial killer blowing up little creatures in the backyard.

    And I’m totally on board with putting Ted Nugent’s face on the GOP flag.

    They all have so much in common. Hunting women’s reproductive rights, seniors’ retirement, children’s healthcare and education, Mexican field workers, Gays, Jews, Muslims, Liberals, the institution of democracy and the working poor are the vulnerable and defenseless targets of the GOP hunt. Cowards.

    They use cross hairs to point out their “enemies” in their propaganda. They defended a guy who shot and killed an unarmed black kid because his pants were too low. A thousand more examples await print.

    The Republican party and Ted Nugent were made for each other.

  • Nugent had his deer hunting privileges suspended for two years in California (he gets them restored this June) for “deer-baiting and not having a properly signed tag.” Pretty much one expects from someone who doesn’t believe rules apply to him.

  • At the very least it shows how much of a “hunter” he really is.

  • Clancy

    Bear baiting is legal on federal land?