Admitting to Extramarital Affair, Petraeus Quits CIA

Just in:

Gen. David Petraeus has resigned as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, MSNBC reports.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell broke the news Friday afternoon, reading Petraeus’ resignation letter on air.

Petraeus wrote in the letter to the CIA staff on Friday that he had gone to the White House on Thursday and asked the president “for personal reasons” to resign.

“After being married for more than 37 years I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair,” Petraeus wrote in his letter. “Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as a leader of an organization such as ours.”

Petraeus said that the president accepted his resignation on Thursday.

  • gescove

    I’m glad he’s done. He was touted as a potential Romney VP. He certainly would have been considered for a 2016 run at the big job. He would have military and bi-partisan bona fides. He would be positioned to further entrench the covert war power of the Executive branch. Yep… glad he’s done.

  • Ned F

    Right on schedule, Fox is starting up the conspiracy machine. Patraeus >Benghazi, how much did Obama know? Very suspicious, coincidence? Hmmm.

    • OMG, really? I mean we know who the woman is fer crying out loud! Do they really think a woman would stand up and say “yeah I boned him”, label herself as a slut to the nation (not that that is fair, but that is the unfortunate result) and ruin his career so publicly if she really hadn’t?

      • “we know who the woman is”

        Seriously? who?

        • LK3

          It is rumored to be Paula Broadwell – the biographer of the book about him. (“All In..”)

          • hmmmm…thanks, LK. I guess I missed that.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            She was on The Daily Show in January to plug her biography about Petraeus.


            There’s even a clip from the show.

          • thanks, victor. I’ll check it out.

          • Brutlyhonest

            As soon as I saw the headline, I told my wife, “I bet it’s the woman who I saw on TDS pushing the book she wrote about him. I haven’t re-watched the clip, but I remembered thinking at the time she had an improperly familiar attitude and an odd, sparkly-eyed gaze when speaking about him.

  • Not Sayin

    Well, hell. That’s a drag for Obama.

  • Nanotyrannus

    Well it’s political suicide for progressives/liberals. For conservatives, they just consult with their religious adviser, ask God for forgiveness, then go on Fox News and declare that allowing gays to marry will destroy the institution and sanctity of marriage.

    And, oh yeah, I’m not resigning because God has forgiven me.

  • Chachizel

    Yeah…what a hypocritical country we live in. I personally could care less about his business, as long as he or she can continue to do their job effectively. I really haven’t made up my mind on Petraeus’s performance. Doesn’t seem to be great, or terrible, so I’ll let history judge him. As far as his personal affairs, that’s between him and his family….as far as I’m concerned. Kind of funny that we are certainly going to hear from Gingrich, Limbaugh, and other right wing known adulterers. That’s going to be comedy

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      In this case, I disagree, based on his responsibilities at CIA. I agree, the RW response, considering who may be giving it, could be comedy gold.

    • bphoon

      Buffalo is correct. Such things as extramarital affairs make intelligence officers extremely “blackmailable”. It’s one of the oldest ways there is to compromise an intelligence officer of a rival nation.

      Add to that the fact that under the Uniform Code of Military Justice adultery is a felony. Usually, charges of moral turpitude and conduct unbecoming an officer are added to that. A soldier–especially an officer– can be prosecuted and imprisoned for several years for such behavior.

      In the case of a General Officer,especially someone of Patraeus’s stature, charges under the UCMJ are highly unlikely but he may be retired in short order.

      • Brutlyhonest

        I agree he’s a moron for throwing so much away just for sex. I was never a huge fan of the man, but at least he tried to not make it an issue for the President.

        That said, here’s my perspective as a retired special intelligence officer:

        It’s only a way to blackmail intelligence professionals because of the ridiculousness of the self-righteous hypocrites that control the narrative. Much of the rest of the world doesn’t care about the affair part. It’s the pillow talk that gets them canned. For certain high-level classification jobs, the polygraph used to include a “lifestyle” series of questions most (if not all) of that was done away with because holding “moral failings” against someone actually creates a blackmail-able situation.

        He’s already retired. Everything is a felony under the UCMJ when prosecuted via courts-martial. Just the way it is. Adultery is prohibitively difficult to successfully prosecute unless the perpetrator confesses or there is explicit photographic evidence.