Election 2016

Alex Jones Credits Trump for Fighting the New World Order

While Donald Trump's dystopian acceptance speech was enough to give small children nightmares, conspiracy theory kingpin Alex Jones was electrified.

Much like his adjacent colleague David Duke, Jones is tremendously pleased that Trump is giving a platform to the views of the unhinged.

via Media Matters:

JONES: You heard it last night, and you know folks, they’re scared, you know who Donald Trump’s listening to. Donald Trump already knew all this, before he ever tuned in to Alex Jones. I’m telling you, my spirit, your spirit, our spirit together, all of us combining forces has scared them absolutely down to the very roots of their evil wicked hearts.

This is an epic time to be alive. And it’s gonna get rough. But what matters is we all do the right thing in our hearts and our souls.

He said it last night, and you knew it sent absolute lightning bolts of fear into their guts in the New World Order.

He said, “Our maxim will be nationalism not globalism,” and I want to take that line and when he said that I want to have that on intros, everywhere. We are nationalists, we are Americans, we are Americans not globalists. And that absolutely terrifies them.

"We are nationalists." White nationalists, to be precise.

It's especially demented for Jones to respond to Trump's speech by saying this an "epic time to be alive" because, according to Trump's speech, this is the worst time to be alive.

Trump described a world and a country that doesn't exist; a lawless hellscape that can only be seen on Fox News. But to some people like Alex Jones, this is a great time to be alive.

One might expect this sort of behavior from an end-times cult who's excited about the impending arrival of a world-killing asteroid. In the case of Alex Jones, he's excited about the impending arrival of the jack-booted thugs he's been talking about for 20 years.

Jones has swung his arms wide open to embrace the dictator he has long claimed President Obama to be. Because Alex Jones is just another racist. He may as well be David Duke.

Alex Jones is a fraud.

  • Aynwrong

    You have to wonder if Jones is gonna start selling They Live sunglasses to his faithful audience of suckers so that they too can see the truth.