All Work and No Play

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

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In other news, Trump's sham voter fraud commission is arguing in court that it shouldn't have to follow federal law because it's not technically a federal agency.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Letcher County Republican Party in Kentucky was arrested for exposing himself to another man in the restroom. We clearly need a "bathroom bill" to protect us from Republican politicians.

Finally, Politico went digging into the Russian money launderer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower and it looks like they found his front company(s).

A POLITICO reporter visiting the nondescript office building where all of these companies are based found that the suite linked to Agalarov and Kaveladze was empty, with unopened mail by the door. A sign in the lobby indicated that the suite belonged to IBC and Russian Art Mall, which was founded in 2000 and registered to Emin Agalarov, who is a partner in his father's business.

"They're current on the rent. They're on our rent roll, they're just quiet," said George Sayrafe, who said he has managed the building for 20 years. "I hadn't heard anything. Some tenants bother you, you know what I mean? These people, I haven't seen them in a long time."

Update... the CBO just took a huge shit on Mitch McConnell's "repeal and delay" plan.

The number of people who are uninsured would increase by 17 million in 2018, compared with the number under current law. That number would increase to 27 million in 2020, after the elimination of the ACA’s expansion of eligibility for Medicaid and the elimination of subsidies for insurance purchased through the marketplaces established by the ACA, and then to 32 million in 2026.

Average premiums in the nongroup market (for individual policies purchased through the marketplaces or directly from insurers) would increase by roughly 25 percent—relative to projections under current law—in 2018. The increase would reach about 50 percent in 2020, and premiums would about double by 2026.

  • muselet

    I’ve never had much use for John McCain, but a brain tumor is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    My sympathies to the senator and his family.


    • Draxiar

      I don’t square with McCain’s politics much and he can never be forgiven for releasing Palin (the proto-trump) upon our society but I do respect the man and his service and I hope he can pull through this and retire peacefully.

    • ninjaf

      I find this completely a deja vu moment. When the ACA was trying to be passed originally and Ted Kennedy died, meaning that the bill had to move to the right to try to garner support for moderate Republicans.

      I have no idea what this will mean for the whole situation now.

      • I had the same deja vu.

      • There was news this morning that McConnell had some things added to appeal to Moderates so they’re shifting leftward since he won’t have McCain in the mix.

      • ninjaf

        I even heard on the AP News update that it is the same kind of cancer that killed Ted Kennedy. Even more of an odd coincidence.

  • Username1016

    “the Letcher County Republican Party”? Guess they’re living up to their name, LOL…

  • Victor the Crab

    Or, as Ryan and McConnell would say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!