Super Stupid

Americans Are Very Dumb

Written by SK Ashby

As you might have guessed, the Isis Books and Gifts store in Denver, Colorado is not a terrorist book store.

The Isis books store, which also offers psychic readings, is a 35-year-old spiritual book store named after the Egyptian goddess Isis, but that fact hasn't stopped dumb Americans from vandalizing it.

This weekend, someone threw a brick through an “Isis Book & Gifts” sign outside the business. The incident took place just days after the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for attacks in Paris. [...]

[Owner] Charboneau-Harrison said it is the fourth time the business has been vandalized in just the past few months. She said they had to replace their front door after someone shattered the glass. Someone also threw pink paint across the front of the store, and the same sign has already been broken once before.

If there was a terrorist book store in Denver you'd think that would be breaking news. Fox News would go wall-to-wall on it.

The idea that some people actually believe this is a terrorist book store is entirely plausible. Americans are dumb.