Election 2012

And So the Republican Outreach to Latinos Begins

Actually, no it doesn't.

They're suing to prevent Latino provisional ballots from being counted in Cochise County... Arizona. Yes, those crazy Arizona Republicans clearly haven't been listening to the news lately.

One of the few unresolved congressional races in the nation could come down to whether voters in a heavily Latino precinct in Arizona get their ballots counted this week.

Backed by two high-powered lawyers, a supporter of Republican congressional candidate Martha McSally filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to get election authorities to halt counting of provisional ballots from a heavily Latino area of the state’s Cochise County.

The suit could be pivotal as McSally is trying to unseat Rep. Ron Barber (D) in southern Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. At last count, McSally was trailing Barber by just 512 votes, but the lead had changed hands multiple times since election night.