And Now It's Come to This

Members of Congress have ordered up additional security. You know, to protect them from the tea party terrorists. By the way, what does it say about the tea party people when they're incapable of arguing policy and have to resort to shouting, threats and violent intimidation? It proves they're wrong -- on every level -- and they know it.

Also, I've been thinking about some of the responses to my Huffington Post column today. One of the more common reactions is to suggest that the existence of Bill Ayers somehow excuses the violent behavior we're witnessing this week and this year.

At no time during the Bush years did we see a similar wave of violent extremism from the left, mainly because it's simply not in the nature of liberals to act this way. Yet it's perfectly in the wheelhouse of far-right conservatives -- reactionaries -- who are vocal about gun ownership and militaristic behavior.

And finally, as soon as someone on the left -- anyone -- says something in public that's the slightest bit incendiary, members of the establishment Democratic Party knock each other over in a mad dash to the nearest microphone to condemn what was said. On the other hand, Republican Party leaders are actually encouraging the madness.

On all accounts, there's just no comparison. And even if there were, it still wouldn't excuse the fact that members of a major political party are stoking right-wing extremism. No excuse.

Adding... It occurs to me that I neglected to mention in my column a series of other terroristic threats. The noose fax sent to Congressman Clyburn, and the disgusting voicemail messages left for Bart Stupak. I'm sure there are others I'm missing, though I don't think they're inadvertent exclusion lessens the impact of the problem.

And also... From reader Michael, it's worth checking out the Southern Poverty Law Center's review of right-wing extremism from 2009 through today.