Another Wacko Republican Campaign Ad [Video]


It’s time for another wacko-bird Republican campaign ad.

Bob Quast threatened to shoot your balls off. Matt Rosendale threatened to shoot down government drones. Nebraska state Senator Beau McCoy (R) is simply content to smack Obama dolls around.

More Obamacare in Nebraska? That’s the last thing we need. I’m Beau McCoy. When Barack Obama tried bullying Nebraska into expanding Obamacare, I pushed back; standing with Governor Heineman to stop Obama from blowing a hole in our budget and reducing funding for education.

Of course expanding Medicaid in Nebraska wouldn’t actually cost the state a single dime for the first several years while the federal government covers 100 percent of the cost. In 2020 and beyond, the federal government will still cover 90 percent of the cost.

According to Mother Jones, McCoy has been campaigning by driving around in a pickup truck with a ladder rack. I suppose that makes him seem more authentic.