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Anti-Obamacare Governors Taking Obamacare Cash

Reuters published an exclusive report today that shines a light on the money several anti-Obamacare governors have appropriated for their states thanks to Obamacare.

All four of the buffoons named by Reuters are possible presidential candidates.

Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, all staunch opponents of President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act, have collectively applied for and won at least $352 million through grant programs set up by the law, federal records show. [...]

For example, the law included $1.5 billion to enable medical workers to visit new mothers at home. The money has enabled some states to set up programs where none had existed and allowed others to expand existing programs. Wisconsin has more than doubled its home-visit program under Obamacare, according to state documents.

The Jindal administration applied for and received $60 million in federal grants under a program that was expanded by Obamacare while Rick Perry's Texas applied for and recieved $148 million in grants. Governor Chris Christie obtained $75 million in grants for New Jersey while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received $69 million in grants for programs that did not exist before Obamacare.

It's not that these are necessarily bad things. If money if available, states should use it to provide healthcare, but each of these hypocritical clowns have called for repealing Obamacare or have vigorously campaigned against accepting it in their states.

Jindal, Walker, and former Governor Perry have each refused to expand Medicaid using money that has already been appropriated by the federal government but, for reasons that I think are obvious, they did not hesitate to request money they could direct to specific and politically advantageous programs of their choosing.

When Republican congressmen and presidential hopefuls call for repealing 'every word of Obamacare,' that includes these tremendous grants provided to states that request them.

Obamacare will never be repealed because repealing it would be a fucking disaster. Even if the next president is a Republican, it will not be repealed; they'll simply stop calling it "Obamacare." In January of 2017, conservatives will suddenly remember that Obamacare was based on conservative ideas and it will be their law again.

I believe that will occur even if the next president is a white Democrat.

  • muselet

    Yes, the ACA is based on conservative ideas, and no, it won’t be repealed.

    However, that doesn’t mean the Rs won’t tinker with the law. Since they already want to block-grant Medicaid, the Medicaid expansion won’t survive, and poor people will lose coverage. Interstate issuance of policies will almost certainly be added, making insurance marginally cheaper and coverage very much worse. Health Savings Policies (probably mandatory) will be added, and more of the burden of medical bills will be put directly on the individual. Minimum levels of coverage on policies will be eliminated. Subsidies and other premium-support mechanisms will be eliminated. Transfers of what Charlie Pierce calls Free Money! to the states will of course continue, probably in the form of block grants.

    The current crop of Righties do not believe in shared risk or mutual obligation, cuz that there’s soshulizm! For that reason, the very concept of insurance, except as it relates to them and them alone, is alien to them. For the less-dim among them—primarily the ones who crank out tendentious white papers at think tanks—health insurance is something provided to employees by beneficent employers, not something that could or should be universal, because then its loss couldn’t be used as a cudgel to keep the proles in line.

    I’m a lot less sanguine about the future of the ACA than you are, Ashby.


  • It’ll be renamed Reagancare and they’ll all be happy.