Bad Ideas

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Bruce Plante)

In other news, Eric Trump boasted that his father "started the conversation" about Birtherism during an unpublished interview in 2014.

Meanwhile, Miss Finland 2006 came forward today to say that Trump groped her in 2006 because she "looked like Melania when she was younger." Trump was married to Melania at the time.

Finally, really buried the lede here:

Richard Harkaway, a urologist for a medical practice with offices at Albert Einstein Medical Center in North Philadelphia, is the idiot who spent heaven knows how much money to sit in one of the most expensive seats in the Wells Fargo Center for the 76ers' season opener, then flipped off Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook with both hands. Harkaway was rightly ejected from his seat, though as Keith Pompey reported, it appears he was allowed to remain in the arena and watch the rest of the game.


Public records indicate that Harkaway resides in New York City, at Trump Place specifically. He has a $1.3 million condo in the Trump Place residential complex on Riverside Avenue in midtown Manhattan.


  • Christopher Foxx

    Finally, really buried the lede here

    No. What his address happens to be is not the point of the story. If mentioned at all it’s something deservedly way below the opening paragraph.

    Unless we’re doing guilt by association now. And vague circumstantial association at that. Remind me how we’re supposed to be the on the more adult side.

  • Draxiar

    In other news, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge domestic terrorists were acquitted by what I can only assume are fucking idiots.

    • mnpollio

      I was wondering if someone was going to bring up that debacle. There quite frankly is no credible excuse for a jury acquitting those a**holes and the precedent that this sets is both deadly and dangerous. This also opens up the horrid thinking that if a jury of 12 US citizens could excuse such blatant terrorist actions to (let’s face it) for no other reason than to give the middle finger to the US government, then how many other knuckle-draggers are out there masquerading as “thinking people” ready to pull that lever for Trump on Election Day to give another middle finger to democracy?

      • Georgie

        And I guess no one remembers the Oklahoma bombing…

  • Badgerite

    If the Trump Monster is not a fascist, he sure gives a good impression of one. His Orange Awfulness just told a rally that we should cancel the election and just make him president. Interesting concept. That Breitbart guy (Bannon) who is managing the Trump Monster campaign has certainly had an effect on whatever sanity
    the Trump Monster had left.