Bad Judgement

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, an Alabama state senator has introduced his own anti-transgender "bathroom bill" that, among other things, would require a staff member to sit outside bathrooms and profile everyone entering them. Really.

“staffed by an attendant stationed at the door of each restroom to monitor the appropriate use of the restroom and answer any questions or concerns posed by users.”

Who will pay their salary? The state? Where will that money come from?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump campaign surrogate Roger Stone apparently tweeted about Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain having a threesome with Michele Bachmann. You read that right.

And finally, indicted fraudster Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is coming to the defense of Exxon which is being investigated by the Virgin Islands for withholding information about climate change.

Programming note... I will be offline tomorrow as I have family visiting from out of state. I should be online Thursday, but Friday remains an open question. I'm the youngest and I'm single which means I'm the last one in the family to know anything.

  • “I have family visiting”

    You have my condolences 😉

    • JMAshby

      Ha! Nah, it’s my truck-driving, Teamsters uncle from Milwaukee. There will be much beer drinking and cursing.