Lying Liars

Baltimore Police Can’t Confirm Ben Carson’s Popeye’s Story

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Esteemed doctor Ben Carson said a dumb thing earlier this week but so far no evidence has been uncovered which proves the dumb thing even happened.

Carson said he was held at gunpoint at a "Popeye's Organization" and that he told the gunman to point his weapon at the cashier, but the Baltimore Police Department has found no record of a robbery or attempted robbery.

From the Baltimore Sun:

A Carson spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment Thursday or for more details as to when and where the incident occurred.

Baltimore Police said Thursday that they could not find any report related to the incident based on the little information that Carson had provided.

"We searched for it and based on the general statement, we have no report," said T.J. Smith, the department's chief spokesman. "Need more info."

It's possible the Carson campaign will eventually provide more information, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's also possible the incident never happened and Carson simply made it up.

I don't believe Carson is wise enough to realize that anything he says, across any medium, could be rigorously vetted.

If Carson did just make it up, that would mean he concocted a false story that, if taken at face value, actually makes him look worse. You'd typically expect someone to fabricate a story to make themselves look better, but Carson went in the other direction.

  • Don P

    Dr. Carson has declared himself a vegetarian for several decades. Was he at the Popeye’s organization (say that in your head with a Canadian accent) for some cole slaw, sweet potato fries and a Pepsi?

  • Arthur Croft

    Carson is an idiot. Supposedly a great doctor, but you have to start wondering at some point the longer he stays in the spotlight.
    It’s a disgrace that this guy has gotten as far as he’s gotten just for being an asshole to President Obama.

  • muselet

    I like Trevor Noah’s take on Ben Carson’s tall tale.

    I think Carson believes his Popeye’s story makes him sound cool under pressure. it doesn’t.


    • ninjaf

      But it probably really appeals to those I’ve-got-mine-now-go-fuck-yourself-types who tend to be Republican base voters.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    I know that I, like many other thoughtful liberals, believed this story to be complete bullshit but hoped it was somehow true because it made the new right-wing darling look like a fucking cowardly asshole. Any actual audio or witness statements confirming the “event” would make Romney’s 47% look like an eyelash on a bucket of ebola feces.

  • McKinley

    Bob and Chez on yesterday’s show speculate that Dr. Carson made it up, to make himself look bad, because he is no longer interested in running.

    It is odd, really, that Dr. Carson did not say or was not asked by the radio show host, what I would think would be a natural, if not logical, follow-up –

    “THEN what happened?”

    Did the gunman proceed to hold up the Popeye’s? Did Dr. Carson’s cool, almost absurdist, response make him give up walk out?

  • Christopher Foxx

    You’d typically expect someone to fabricate a story to make themselves look better, but Carson went in the other direction.

    Even now Carson still believes the story makes him look good.

    He’s that unaware.

    • Lynn

      I think you’re right. I believe he thinks that story shows how ‘cool’ he is under pressure. What a jerk.

  • Aynwrong

    I’ve suggested before that Carley Fiorina’s lies is the behavior of a psychopath. But at least lies that made a political sense. But this? This would just be bizarre.