Banging Some Heads

Via Steve Benen, Michael Tomasky thinks it's time for the president to "start banging some heads" on healthcare. The weapon is, you know, overwhelming public support for a public option. And, of course, the fact that President Obama is very popular and powerful.

Benen added some ideas of his own:

Obviously, different approaches would be needed with different senators. There's probably not too much the White House can do to scare Ben Nelson. But if the vote-counters are lining up support on, say, a genuine public option, I can imagine someone in the West Wing letting Joe Lieberman know, "The president is interested in hosting a town-hall event in Bridgeport, and he's about to tell everyone in the state to call your office." Or maybe calling Arlen Specter to mention, "Obama is going to talk about reform in Pittsburgh, and Joe Sestak might be there."

Or maybe just telling the whole caucus, "If health care drags me down, I'm dragging all of you with me."

Would "Get your assface in gear, Senator Castrati McAetna, or I'm gonna fuck up your shit!" be too forceful?