• muselet

    I was prepared to point and laugh, even when Tony Perkins started off by referring to the social science research (the reputable stuff doesn’t say what he claims it does), but then he said this:

    There is not an excess of children waiting to be adopted. That’s why most people are going out of the country to adopt children. … The only area where there are children waiting to be adopted is special-needs children.

    According to the Administration for Children and Families, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, at the end of FY2009 there were 114,562 in foster care “who have a goal of adoption and/or whose parental rights have been terminated.” That information wasn’t hidden from view, available only to specially-qualified researchers with high security clearances; I found that information after two Google searches, the second to refine the search. Total time required, including typing this paragraph: four minutes.

    In other words, Perkins is a liar, and a damned lazy one, given that he can’t be bothered to come up with a more convincing (or more difficult to refute) lie than that. If anyone deserves to die a slow, terrible, lonely death, it’s Tony Perkins.

    I feel sorry for Tony Perkins’s children.


  • FLDem

    The one thing I wish Rep Frank or Matthews said is children do better in 2 parent households, not heterosexual households as Perkins said. This means children are better off if their parents are able to marry.

  • I like that Matthews did an instant replay of fuckhead’s quote.