Batshit Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Sells Human Hunting Permits

Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens, the man who recently went full Call of Duty in a campaign ad, has come up an equally-batshit but befitting campaign fundraising gimmick.

For the low price of just $10, Greiten's campaign will send you a fake human hunting tag. Those who are more generous will receive a human hunting bumper sticker.

Greitens' campaign distributed an email Wednesday promoting bumper stickers with the words "ISIS HUNTING PERMIT 2016." The sticker says it expires when "we defeat this evil."

The campaign is selling the mock hunting tags for a $10 donation. For $100, donors can get stickers signed by a former Navy SEAL who claims he killed Osama bin Laden.

And for a few dollars more, he'll send you a decoder ring and a plastic sheriff's badge that he won at the county fair.

It's not clear how the governor of Missouri will lead a hunting campaign against ISIS or how his constituents will defeat the Evil Doers by electing him.

If Greiten's supporters want to hunt ISIS, they could enlist in the military or personally travel to Syria and put their money where their mouth is. War tourism is a booming industry.

  • Spellczyker

    This guy is the founder of The Mission Continues. They won’t be getting any of my money anymore. Unfortunately, this is business as usual in Missouri. Every ad running (and god help us, they’re running constantly) shows some Republican tough guy (or girl, in the case of the governor’s race) shooting guns. UGH.

    • mnpollio

      And as horrible as it sounds, I have never mentally rooted so much for guns to have a manufacturing flaw that makes them backfire on these unapologetic nuts.

  • Badgerite

    “I want an official Red Rider Carbine Action Two Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle.”
    And a secret decoder ring. And that will qualify me for the Red Ranger Super Special Ranger Patrol.

  • Aynwrong

    This is the GOP. There’s nothing left but a bunch of carnival barkers slinging red meat to a mob of drooling idiots. I don’t enjoy calling my fellow Americans names but at some point the people who vote for these candidates deserve at as much (probably more) scorn as the candidates themselves.

  • muselet

    There have been “Terrorist Hunting Permits” (stickers to display on your pick-em-up truck) sold for probably ten years now. Eric Greitens can’t show originality even when he’s being disgusting.

    This will probably be a nice little money-spinner for him.


  • ninjaf

    Just…nothing. I am stunned.