Baucus Jobs Bill Fail

UPDATE: Harry Reid is scrapping the Finance Committee bill after determining there are too many concessions to the Republicans. Go!

I'm at a complete loss as to what the hell is going on with the jobs bill. Max Baucus is back with another watered-down "bipartisan" bill that, by all estimates, won't make a dent in unemployment. Oh, and it has estate and gift tax reform. Republican favorites. And guess what? They still won't vote for the bill.

Ezra Klein: order to get Republic cooperation on an $80 billion jobs bill, Democrats have promised them estate and gift tax reform, which will come to many hundreds of billions of dollars. This is the compromise that appears to have led to this package: not a better or bigger or more tax-focused jobs bill, but massive tax cuts for the rich.

Bipartisanship strikes again. Now watch the Republicans vote against it.