Because It’s Free!

Just when you think you've already witnessed the pinnacle of Republican hypocrisy and stupidity, another daring fellow comes along to prove you wrong.

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) faced criticism this week when video was released of him telling a constituent that she should sponsor her own health care instead of using the government’s Medicare program.

The Georgia Democratic Party released more video Wednesday from that same town hall event where Woodall explained why he wouldn’t give up his own government-funded health care program.

“You take government-subsidized health care, but you are not obligated to take that if you don’t want to,” Democratic activist Ilene Johnson told Woodall. “Why aren’t you going out on the free market in the state where you are a resident and buy your own health care?”

“It’s because it’s free,” Woodall replied. “It’s because it’s free. The same reason I went out to Walgreens and bought Activon when I don’t have any arthritis pain. Because it’s free. Folks, if you give people things for free, don’t blame them for taking them.”

It's free! It just falls from the sky!

We shouldn't blame people for taking things which are free, except when its Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or unemployment benefits. Those programs are only used by lazy welfare queens and socialists!

None of those programs are free though, and neither is Rep. Rob Woodall's socialized, big government "free" healthcare. Someone is paying the bill.

The better question for Rob Woodall may be -- Why is it okay for you to have socialized "free" healthcare, but not the people you represent?