Beck Outs Islamic School in Virginia

Just out of curiosity, I flipped over to Glenn Beck's Fox News show this afternoon.

I was just in time to catch what appears to be a regular segment in which he claims to report news that the "mainstream media" ignores (Fox News is the number one cable news network owned by a powerful global media conglomerate -- yeah, it doesn't get more mainstream than that, but okay).

The first story out of the shoot was about an Islamic private school in Northern Virginia which received a zoning permit to expand it's grounds. No big deal, right?

Beck proceeded to make it a big deal by using his brand of comedy (googly-eyed sarcasm, but no actual jokes) to underscore how the school teaches Islamic law and that two former students went on to be apparently, according to Beck, convicted of terror-related charges. He also invoked the fallen WTC towers and 9/11.

Of course this means the school is evil.

Well, it's no more or less evil than any private religious school. But what's really awful here is that Beck outed this school -- a place where dozens of children go every day -- in front of his audience of 2 million gun-toting Fox News wingnuts. A school!

I don't care whether Beck did that CYA speech on his show the other day. This is perhaps one of the most irresponsible bits from his psychotic excuse for a show. Schools are especially defenseless and loaded with innocent people -- American people who happen to be Muslim.

Here's to hoping that one of the many whacked out Glenn Beck wingnuts doesn't take matters into his or her own hands.