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Beck Should Listen To Hannity's Advice

Sean Hannity on FOX News Channel, October 26, 2006: this day and age where we have a lot of fanatics out there, I find the whole concept unbelievably irresponsible. Did you not think that there are people that are going to see this and maybe take an idea like that and run with it? Did you think about that?

You've got to — do you not have a responsibility to think of the impact, the impressions that could be made on people?

God forbid that anyone takes the idea and watches this film was — was impressed by it. You know, would you feel in any way that — second thoughts, doubts, if people could — that they could have an impression made on them about this?

Hannity's topic and guest? Gabriel Range, the director of a mock-doc called The Death of a President which dramatized the aftermath of a fictional assassination of George W. Bush.

Adding... It's worth mentioning that Hannity himself has been doing his fair share of red-baiting and ginning up the worst tendencies of the far-right. Responsible!