Rand Paul

Beefcake Rand Meets Chainsaw Rand

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Kentucky senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, who is just one of sixteen candidates, would like to remind you that he's still in this thing.

I can only infer that Team Rand was thoroughly enthralled and impressed by the Beefcake Rand wrestling video because Rand son of Ron has now produced his own mild version of it.

This really takes me a back to a time when long-shot Republican candidates began the tradition of skeet-shooting with fake copies of Obamacare.

  • RHB

    Well, I guess if you don’t have much substance, you have to rely on style. Like the circus.

  • Christopher Foxx

    How would I kill the tax code, Rand?

    By passing legislation.

    You’re a US Senator, for god’s sake, and you think laws are changed with a woodchipper?

  • muselet

    This is a ridiculous stunt by a man who is desperately trying to get people to remember he’s running for President (he’s at 5% in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll), but not delve too deeply into his Fair and Flat Tax proposal, of which even professional R cheerleader Ramesh Ponnuru says unfavorable things:

    All in all, then, what Paul is proposing is a big tax cut for high earners and businesses with almost no direct benefits for most Americans.

    Rand Paul is not a serious person.


    • JMAshby

      I don’t feel too pressed to dive into his tax plan because, between Bobby Jindal and Sam Brownback, I feel like I’ve already covered the consequences of regressive taxation. And those stories aren’t over.

      We have current, real time examples of the disaster Rand and all of the GOP candidates are hoping to reproduce nationally.

      • muselet

        No, of course there’s no reason to detail Paul’s Math-Is-Hard tax plan, because (a) it would be an economic disaster, and (b) there’s no way in hell it would ever be passed. I was just amused that even a hack like Ramesh Ponnuru seems to realize that.

        The important thing is that Paul has been chuntering along in the mid-single-digit range since he announced and is worried he’ll be seated at the kids’ table at the August 6 debate. That’s embarrassing for someone who wants to be seen as a serious candidate (albeit a serious candidate who destroys fake copies of the tax code for campaign ads).

        Rand Paul wants to be taken seriously even though he is manifestly not a serious person. Not sure how that’s meant to work, but I suppose we’ll find out in the coming months.


        • Christopher Foxx

          That’s embarrassing for someone who wants to be seen as a serious candidate

          If someone wants to be seen as a serious candidate, they have to start acting serious.

          And Rand Paul is silliness personified.

          • muselet

            Unfortunately for the nation, but fortunately for everyone who likes unintentional humor, Rand Paul wants to be thought of as a serious candidate without actually being serious about anything.

            If I wanted to be mean (moi?) I’d say Rand learned well from his father.


          • Bob Nowwhat Derkacz

            and drank from the same well as his father