Super Stupid

Ben Carson Says You Should Charge at Shooters, But He Didn’t

Written by SK Ashby

Earlier this week esteemed Doctor Ben Carson said victims of mass shootings should band together and rush their attackers rather than "just stand there."

Ben Carson just stood there, however, when he was held up at Popeye's according to him. He also told the shooter to attack someone else.

Carson also told to SiriusXM radio host Karen Hunter on Wednesday that he was once held at gunpoint at a Popeye's fried chicken fast food restaurant in Baltimore. But his approach was nothing like the one he advocated.

"Guy comes in, puts the gun in my ribs. And I just said, "I believe that you want the guy behind the counter,'" Carson recounted in his usual, laid-back tone. "He said, 'Oh, okay,' and moved on."

What else is there left to say?

"I believe you want the other guy" is a great campaign slogan.