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Ben Carson Wants to Triple Rent For Public Housing

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

According to internal agency documents obtained by the Washington Post, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has drafted a proposal that calls for imposing stricter work requirements for low-income Americans who receiving housing subsidies, but that's not all.

Carson's proposal also calls for tripling the amount of rent that at least 4.5 million low-income families would be responsible for.

Currently, tenants generally pay 30 percent of their adjusted income toward rent or a public housing agency minimum rent -- which is capped at $50 a month for the poorest families. The administration’s legislative proposal sets the family monthly rent contribution at 35 percent of gross income or 35 percent of their earnings working 15 hours a week at the federal minimum wage. Under the proposal, the cap for the poorest families would rise to approximately $150 a month, three times higher than the current minimum.

This is a presidential regime that engineered a $1.5 trillion tax cut for corporations and wealthy individuals that has already showered banks, billionaires, and millionaires with a windfall of billions, but they're asking the poorest Americans (who got nothing from the tax cut) to pay more for basic necessities.

The good news is this proposal is dead on arrival. The sweeping changes Carson is calling for would require approval from Congress and would be subject to a possible filibuster in the Senate.

  • mnpollio

    Well now we know how Dr. Ben is going to pay for his next $30000 dinette set. It is amazing to me that people like Carson, Trump and their ilk think it is so easy for people living on next to nothing to tighten their belts a bit more and haul themselves up by their bootstraps, when they themselves have proven time and again that they simply cannot live by their own rules.

  • muselet

    Ben Carson is on record as saying that public housing is far too cushy, that it should be horrible to keep people from developing “dependency.”

    I invite Carson—and everyone who agrees with this proposal—to work for a year at minimum wage and spend a big chunk just for a place to live.

    My guess is there’s no a one who could last three months.


    • Carson, like many people who have a particular gift that has made them rich, doesn’t recognize the luck that came into play when he is born. If he did, he would never take any if the positions he has toward the poor.

  • gescove

    Is every policy notion that this “administration” dreams up required to inflict as much pain and damage on the greatest number of citizens as possible? Good Christ, who ARE these people?

    • muselet

      1) Yes.

      2) Monsters.