Best Healthcare System Ever

This story is heart-wrenching:

For the past 18 months, [Craig] Heller has been trying to get his wife, Ingrid Martinez-Rico, the care she needs after an auto accident left her unable to walk, feed herself or use the bathroom on her own. [...]

On Feb. 8, 2008, Martinez-Rico was driving on Alico Road when a dump truck driver ran a red light and struck her car. She survived the accident, but the now 45-year-old woman was left with a severe brain injury. [...]

The only place able and willing to take Martinez-Rico is the Wauchula facility where she was before.

The problem with that? It costs $700 a day and doesn't accept insurance or Medicaid payments.

"Our savings are pretty much gone," Heller said. Martinez-Rico had spent nine months in Wauchula at $21,000 a month, which Heller paid.

Yeah, you know Heller should just get a job and stop trying to feed off the system. Socialist.

Seriously, though, Republicans and Blue Dogs are complaining that healthcare reform is moving too fast? Too fast?!