Best Healthcare System Ever

Despite the numbers to the contrary, the far-right continues to insist we have the best healthcare system in the world. Why? Just because. We're Americafuckyeah!

Of course the reality is very different. This, for instance:

It was this practice of frivolous denials that ended up costing Jacksonville, Florida woman Alisa Wilson her life. For months, Wilson, her family, and the surrounding community had been pleading with her HMO to approve coverage for a liver transplant. Although Wilson was enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program, she was not guaranteed care because she was “forced to join a private plan as part of a Gov. Jeb Bush-era experimental overhaul of the program,” meaning she had to deal with a private, for-profit insurance company to get her care, not a government agency accountable to the public.

Jeb Bush. Hmm. Yeah, he should totally be president. You know, because he's the smart one. I wonder if he'll ever take responsibility for the consequences of his experiment. I won't hold my breath. Boy, I sure do hope he runs for president.