Abortion FISA Open Thread

Big Government

Were you expecting something else?


Artist – Phil Hands

In other news, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign a fast-tracked forced ultrasound bill, resulting in the closure of Northern Wisconsin’s only abortion clinic.

Also — Senator Al Franken announced today that he supports releasing court orders approved under FISA (redacted, of course), echoing Google’s sentiment that this would go a long way toward silencing the conspiracy theorists.

I was dismayed to learn that Al Franken came under attack after defending the scope of FISA, because he may be the closest ally (who has the authority and gravitas to get things done) that critics have. He is an exemplary congressmen and a gift to proponents of responsible government, not your enemy.

  • NWLefty

    We should criticize our elected officials for what they do wrong and praise them for what they do right.

  • David Stephenson

    Why does the “Big Government” guy look like Obama? Aren’t there enough Southern white sexists in your universe?

  • Dave

    Never mind. Posted comment on wrong story.

    • alwaysthink

      I’m wondering how much of this is for real? It only takes a few users to keep repeating the same memes over and over and claim that they are Obama supporters but are not “disappointed”. We’ve heard this script before when so many were convinced that it was Obama who won’t close Gitmo and that the ACA was going to have “death panels”. Just like those were well planned PR campaigns from the Kochtopus this has the very same smell from the get go.

  • mr spork

    Regarding that illustration, you would think that anti-abortion people would be pro-birth control since birth control reduces the chances that a woman would want/need an abortion, but no.

    • Access to The Birth Controls lead to more Teh Secks, which is Of Satan.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Ahh mr spork, the missing element is thinking.

  • He is an exemplary congressmen and a gift to proponents of responsible government, not your enemy.

    Alas, to the FDLers, Greenwaldians, and all the other new-racist ODSers,… well, as Dubya said, “you’re either with us, or a’gin us”, and Senator Franken has come down in the “a’gin” us column.