Senator Barack Obama

Big Fat Idiot And Other Observations

Limbaugh thinks Senator Obama went to Hawaii as part of a conspiracy to hide his "actual" birth certificate. This is, of course, patently ridiculous. The senator's birth certificate was released to the public months ago, and the wholly independent has thoroughly examined the document and subsequently authenticated it.

Get ready for four-to-eight years of wingnuttery of the highest order if Senator Obama wins. Remember Vince Foster? Remember the array of far-right conspiracy theories? I mean, there was an actual government investigation into whether Vince Foster was murdered. I can only imagine the insanity they're cooking up this time around.

Adding... Maybe we ought to seriously look into why Limbaugh went to the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra (not in his name). I mean, he was with several male friends and the Dominican Republic is notorious for sexual tourism. Just sayin'.