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Bill Nye Will Debate Dinosaur Jesus Museum Founder

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Via Talking Points Memo,

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is scheduled to debate evolution and biblical creation next month with the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Nye will square off against creationist Ken Ham on Feb. 4 at the Petersburg, Ky. museum’s Legacy Hall. The debate is titled: “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

In the latest issue of Answers magazine(“Building a Biblical Worldview”), Creation Museum founder Ken Ham’s kid-friendly windowless van of a periodical, writer Danny Faulkner– protected by a signed prenuptial agreement for Dinosaur Jesus and at least 10-20 security guards armed with .40 caliber Glocks– sums up what we can expect from the minds of home-schooled children of zealots everywhere:

The creation model suggests that the earth alone sustains life. Life does not arise naturally but exists only where God chose to create it.

Godspeed, Bill Nye. Godspeed.

  • Christopher Foxx

    There is no point. Unless a creationist is willing to be convinced, has a mind open enough that he’d be willing to change it if presented with enough evidence, there is no point in “debating” them.

    “Mr Ham, is there anything I could say, any evidence that I could present that would lead you to change your mind?”
    “OK, then. Good bye.”

    • mrbrink

      Enlightenment can bloom even in darkness.

      • Yeah, mushrooms grow in the dark in shite but that doesn’t mean we should be forced to eat them. 🙂

    • Sean Richardson

      The point is to get at a few curious children’s minds that haven’t been completely shut off yet. You plant a few seeds that will bloom over time.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Let me see if I can guess how this will play out: Bill Nye will present an evidenced-based argument for the validity of evolution. Then, Ken Ham will lie his ass off with the usual tactics of mined quotes and information that is outdated and distorted, No minds on either side will be changed.

    I admire Nye for standing up for science, but just sharing a stage with Ham gives that fraud far more credibility than he deserves.

    • Lady Willpower

      It will be as if the Dictionary was debating a Chick tract. Totally pointless.

    • Christopher Foxx

      I admire Nye for standing up for science, but just sharing a stage with Ham gives that fraud far more credibility than he deserves.

      I admire Nye as well, but he’s a fool for getting into this for exactly the reason you give.

      There is absolutely no point in “debating” with someone who has insistently, petulantly closed their mind to reason. In fact, it is counter-productive. All it does is lend them a legitimacy and standing that strengthens their bulwark against reality.

    • Auld_mac
  • hanadora444

    There is no documentation whether or not Jesus rode a dinosaur. Doctor Who did, though.

    • If Who could do it, why not an ancient, magical Jew?

      /sorry, couldn’t resist REALLY lame joke

  • muselet

    Ham also said that he hopes to show Nye around the museum, and introduce him to several museum staff members “who hold earned doctorates in science.”

    “Bob, here, is a chemical engineer. Ralph over there is a computer scientist. And Frank, who isn’t in today, he has a degree in physics.”

    “I see. Does anyone who works here have a background in biology?”

    “No, why?”

    That could be the most awkward walkthrough in history.


    • Notice how they say, “earned doctorates in science”….how the hell else do you get a legitimate doctorate without “earning” it?! If it’s from a legitimate school, they would have busted their butts….so why emphasize the “earn” part?

      • muselet

        I don’t know, maybe they think PhDs are handed out like party favors.

        Creationists have always had a love/hate relationship with science and academia. On the one hand, they have to sneer at knowledge and expertise because the people who possess those things aren’t creationists. On the other hand, they loudly tout the SCIENTISTS! who agree with them—”scientists” who are usually some variety of engineer, which back in the day led creationist organizations to issue embarrassingly stupid statements like, “Engineers are the real scientists because they have to build stuff that works!” (I’m paraphrasing from memory, but one creationist outfit or another really did put out a press release saying something very like that in the 1980s.)


        • mrbrink

          Yeah, creationists touting a degree, especially in this instance, fills the ignorance-void that blind faith can no longer fill.

          Like, here’s a degree, now you will either have to believe that my view that Jesus rode dinosaurs is equally learned and astute as an astrophysicist, or at the very least accept that said degree is enough of an appeal to authority to create just enough reasonable doubt to not be laughed out of the discussion.

          Like a solid foothold for barefooted climbers on Mt. Credible.

          • muselet

            Pretty much.

            Creationists really don’t care about academic credentials except as chaff to distract nonbelievers. Likewise, rebranding the ridiculously-misnamed “Creation Science” as the equally ridiculously-misnamed “Intelligent Design” is misdirection.

            When you don’t have an actual argument to make, all that’s left is misleading people.


          • mrbrink

            “Creation science.”

            Conehead laugh.

      • Sean Richardson

        Whenever I see somebody say “I earned a doctorate”, I automatically add “I don’t actually have one, but I totally deserve it.”

  • “at least 10-20 security guards armed with .40 caliber Glocks”

    That’s the problem with religious zealots…if they can’t persuade you they just use their might to smite you.