Election 2012

Bottoming Out

Even though Donald Trump has exited the race for the Republican presidential nomination, he's still managing to be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats by sucking a massive amount of enthusiasm out of the sails of the Tea Party following his departure.

Though as many as 2,000 people were expected at a Tea Party rally in South Carolina, just 30 showed up after Donald Trump cancelled his appearance with Gov. Nikki Haley (R), according to the Columbia State.

Who will be the next candidate to pretend that they're entering the race, implode shortly after, and further depress the level of enthusiasm for the Republican presidential field? Michele Bachmann? Sarah Palin? Rick Perry?

As previously noted, GOP dissatisfaction is already on the rise and it appears there is no end in sight.

Or as we tend to say around here -- Keep going! You're doing great!

  • laddieluv


    If I gave a chit about any of those bigoted whack job baggers, I’d almost feel a twinge of pity.

    But I don’t.

    That photo is (how shall I put it) …………..PATHETIC.


  • http://cousinavi.wordpress.com cousinavi

    Steve Weinstein @ Crooks & Liars has a nightmarish thought on GOP electoral strategy given that none of the “Establishment” candidates are popular with the degenerate base, and the ones that motivate the base are toxic to independents.
    It’s an interesting read if you enjoy horror stories.

    Sarah Palin – 3rd Party Candidate

    • muselet

      Steve Weinstein’s theory makes some sense, but Sarah Palin is astonishingly unpopular, even among Rs. I’m not sure she would bring out enough of the base to make a difference. She’s also demonstrated that she’s bone lazy, so it’s unlikely she’d bother to do more than pretend to run. The Ds would be wise to up their GOTV efforts in 2012, though, just in case.

      Enter the Abominable Snow Snooki.

      I must remember that line.


  • http://extremeliberal.wordpress.com/ Extreme Liberal

    The Republican Party sold their souls to the Tea Party and now they are standing there with 30 people in front of them, half were probably there because they thought there was going to be band.

  • muselet

    Well, Herman Cain officially announced today, so he’s next in line.