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Memorial Day

The charge of the 20th Maine from the movie Gettysburg. I'm looking forward to tonight's premiere of Ridley Scott's take on the battle for the History channel, but I doubt there will be a scene as stirring as this one.

We salute all the men and women who gave their lives for their nation, and we are eternally grateful.

  • Tomservo88

    I’ve always loved the 20th Maine scene in ‘Gettysburg’.
    I more than a few ancestors who fought in the Civil War, and all of them were from Maine.
    Also, Joshua Chamerlain gets his due as a leader, and it is all quite moving for this Yankee.
    I now live deep in Dixie, and cringe every time I see the faux Confederate flag. However, it no longer flies over our state Capitol, something of a victory for us transplanted Yanks.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Our vets are the worst victims of rhetoric and political gamesmanship. My ancestors have fought in every war this country has had. I even had a female ancestor who took up her husband’s place in the Revolutionary War after he died (an woman after my own heart to be sure). For my family, this is a long day of memories, loss and love. My heart goes out to all those who are currently serving and the families they leave behind.

    • Alan Fors

      Blessings on your family, and all families like yours.

  • dildenusa

    As a Vietnam Veteran I am puzzled by those who say the Vietnam War was a waste and the first war America lost. It’s true that it was pushed by the military-industrial complex as a battle against the evil commie socialists. It also made billions in profits for defense contractors and that is the real waste. It also established the revolving door between the defense department and the contractors. Once Ronnie Raygun became president he had to avenge the “loss” in Vietnam by ramping up military spending to defeat the evil empire. The problem now is that not only did the soviet union go defunct but we might also because of 2 failed wars started by Bush 2.

  • muselet
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