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The Bubble Genius Bob & Elvis Show 5/26/11

Tornadoes in Missouri; Global Weirding and the Climate Crisis; Eric Cantor Cheapskating the Disaster; The Newest Fox News Racist Idiot; Socialism and the Role of Government; Bob and Elvis Go Off About Baby Boomers Again; The Great Recession; Rebuilding America; Herman Cain Flubs the Constitution; Elvis Nearly Died at Gettysburg; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • dildenusa

    Hey Bob, you brought out the firebagger trolls on this one.

    • Joshua Solomon

      I’m a troll? I’ve listened to this podcast since October and have voted for Democrats every year since I’ve been able to vote, yet I’M THE TROLL? I guess the Jared Lee Loughner type of crazy isn’t isolated just to the Republican side of the aisle.

      • cousinavi


      • JMAshby

        “Jared Lee Loughner type of crazy…”

        Really? Thats quite a stretch, even for an obvious troll.

        So long

      • JackDaniel07

        “some of my best friends are black!”

  • IrishGrrrl

    “as soon as they washed the mud of Woodstock off of their taints…..” You guys killed it this week!

  • nellcote

    If you want to kill off the Baby Boomers why don’t you just go ahead and support Ryan’s Kill Medicare Plan?

    • IrishGrrrl

      The Ryan plan won’t hurt Baby Boomers in the least. It will hurt people like myself who will be ready to retire in 2030.

  • Joshua Solomon

    I hate to break this to you, but Obama is going to be in a ton of trouble in Florida and probably Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2012. If the Republicans can capitalize on Obama’s enormous foreign-policy blunder (and that’s exactly what it is. In politics, maybe you can walk something back in revision, but in foreign diplomacy, there is no such thing as revision), those states can be toss-ups. JTA is already saying that the RNC and RJC are trumpeting “1967” as a talking point in those states. And Ed Koch, someone I regard as the voice of American Jewish liberalism, has gone on the record as saying he’s just going to sit home in 2012.

    • mrbrink

      Yeah, sure, Joshua. Republicans should definitely capitalize on President Obama’s brazen hatred of the Jews.

      You should have never stolen and published his prayer from the Wailing Wall!!

      • Joshua Solomon

        Wow, bitter much? There’s a thing called lip service, and it isn’t the same as being genuine.

        • cousinavi

          There’s a thing called being a partisan, distorting, lying cock, too…and it’s even less like being genuine.

          Firing wildly at Brink and me – and being so far off the mark in both cases – only destroys your credibility.

          Yeah…Brink is bitter, and I’m driving Jews to vote Republican. Any other insights at which we can point and laugh?

          • Joshua Solomon

            Flagged as abusive, as were many of your other comments (but not all. See? I can be reasonable). Expect a response from Bob soon.

          • cousinavi

            Flagged as abusive? What the fuck are talking about? You’re an IDIOT; too stupid to be allowed out in public and an embarrassment to whatever spawned you.
            Listen, you ignorant bit of shmutz, I’ve been calling out fuckwits since before you were born. Don’t you, for one goddamn second, think you can escape being painted as the lying piece of troll shit you are by threatening to whine to Cesca.
            “Flagged as abusive”! I’ll jam my foot so fucking far up your smarmy ass you’ll WISH you were being abused. Now fuck off, you pansy little bastard. If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on your Mommy’s porch.

          • Joshua Solomon

            Wow, someone doesn’t like being called out on his venom.

          • cousinavi

            Pfft. Called out? That’s how stupid you are. You can’t call ME out on my venom – that’s my STYLE, you simpering little shit.
            And it’s what you get when you lie, distort and present generally pathetically weak arguments based on those lies and distortions. Get used to it. I’m onto you.

          • JMAshby

            Uh yeah, I got your response for you.

    • cousinavi

      New Jersey – solidly Democrat in every election since 1992.

      Florida is always a toss-up and Republicans (like you) love nothing more than telling horror stories to old Jews about how the Democrats are going to abandon Israel. No reason to expect any change there, or to expect reason from a Young Yehudi Republican like you. Of course, with Osama’s skull dangling from his belt, it might be a tougher sell this season.

      Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in every election since ’92 – a 10 point spread for Obama in ’08.

      Your gonna have to do better than make shit up around here.
      Beginning to smell like the GOP troll machine has tasked some of their paid commenters to start hitting the Israel buttons.

      I’d be willing to bet the Bubbis and Zedas in Florida are more concerned about the destruction of Medicare than they are about anything else. But you go right on lying to them about how Obama hates Israel.

      • Joshua Solomon

        I’m a Republican? That would come across as a surprise to my girlfriend, with whom I sometimes debate over politics (hint: she’s the Republican). And I don’t understand how you can ignore a look at Reps. Engel and Berkley and Sen. Reid publicly breaking with the President’s position. For if prominent members of the party aren’t behind the President, then who should be?

        Oh, and maybe you forgot 2004, when people were talking about NJ being in play for Bush and PA being a squeaker for Kerry. Yeah, you probably did forget that.

        • cousinavi

          I don’t give a shit if any individual politician decides to pander to the Jews in their constituency who start screaming and hollering because they’re listening to fuckheaded concern trolls like YOU.
          YOU’RE the one who, based on an intentional misconstruction of the president’s language – an expression of American policy unchanged since GHW Bush, asserted that President Obama had lost your vote.
          Fine, dickbreath. Vote Republican. But don’t come in here and claim to be some sort of loyal Democrat who was pushed into the arms of the GOP by a striking shift in American Middle East policy.
          I’m so fucking sick of you asshole, piece of shit Fire Baggers, screaming and hollering, whining and crying about how Obama has let you down. The sooner disingenuous spooge stains like YOU stop pretending to be Liberals, or giving a regurgitated hunk of snake shit about anything other than the single narrow issue you pull out of your ass long enough to take one more huffing hit; the sooner people like you just go the fuck to work for Sarah Palin, the better. YOU spineless cockheaded shits are FAR worse than any dyed in the wool, knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, redneck, FNC watching, right wing racist shitbag.
          Boy, you are lucky this little debate isn’t taking place in person. I would have slapped you back in time so fucking far by now, you’d be able to take your argument to Golda Fucking Meir.

  • Buffalodavid

    As a baby boomer (09/27/50) I gotta say I agree with both of you. My generation had a great opportunity to make a real difference, and some of us just bought into the whole package.

    “Get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand….”

    I like to think I’m one of the exceptions. ;-)

  • nicole

    GREAT show!

    I have to admit that I like the swearing, and I like the show best when you focus primarily on politics, as you did this time.

  • muselet

    You two sounded angry this week. Which is fine—I enjoy listening to rants as much as the next guy—but the tone of the show threw me. (Or was it me? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.)

    Elvis, I’m not an economist and I don’t play one on TV, so take this with a hogshead or so of salt. I’m not sure what the magic formula might be to make the economic system sound again, but a depression doesn’t seem like the right method. If the economy had fully collapsed in 2008, the same people who are screeching now about government overreach would have been screeching about the failure of government to prevent the collapse (I know this because even with the partial meltdown, they were screeching that government regulation caused the problem in the first place). The system wouldn’t have been reformed, it just would have cost a whole lot more to put the pieces back together.

    And, guys, a request: please back off the generational-warfare rhetoric. Yes, a lot of Baby Boomers are douches (there were lots of douches in Brokaw’s fabled “Greatest Generation,” and a lot of Gen-Xers and Millennials are douches, too), but you are echoing the “greedy geezers” rhetoric the Right used not that many years ago—oddly enough, the last time they tried to destroy Social Security. Do you really want to reinforce a Righty meme like that?


    • raistuumum

      “And, guys, a request: please back off the generational-warfare rhetoric. ”

      Yes, do this please. It really irks me when you two assume that EVERY baby boomer were hippies (when the people you guys described were really just people jumping in on the hippie bandwagon).