Afternoon Awesome

The Dust of Tweets And Trivia

Following the epic meltdown of Newt Gingrich after his appearance on Meet The Press in which he referred to the Paul Ryan Path to Poverty as "right-wing social-engineering," his campaign immediately leaped into damage-control mode and issued a press release, which was both melodramatic and overly theatrical, rebutting the immediate backlash to Mister Gingrich.

Despite the incoherent nature of the rebuttal issued by Gingrich's spokesman, John Lithgow joined Stephen Colbert last night to give it the aural treatment it deserves.

Grilled to perfection.

  • Lexamich

    Good lord, that press release conjures the image of a Gingrich fanboy writing Internet fan fiction.

    The “damage control” Newt’s taking part in involves jumping to the head of the line to shoot himself in the foot.