Tyler Hamilton on 60 Minutes

Here's Tyler Hamilton on last night's 60 Minutes describing in detail the process of doping on the US Postal Service team, as orchestrated by Lance Armstrong.

Part One.

Part Two.


It pains me to write this, but I don't see how Lance Armstrong wriggles his way out of this. But that's not the cornerstone of what Hamilton is trying to do. Watch the "overtime" clip above and Hamilton makes it clear that he's targeting the culture of doping in the sport -- not Lance alone. I wish they had included that point in the main body of the interview.

(Yes, I indeed noticed the ads by Viagra in the videos. A "performance" enhancing drug. Clever!)

  • CJ

    I don’t see how Lance gets tagged in this. It’s all innuendo. He has hundreds of clean tests. Plus, this is all in the past. He’s retired. There will be no more opportunities to test him.

    I’m not saying he’s clean – the circumstantial evidence looks bad. BUT, he’s a popular guy whom people want to believe good things about. His accusers are all either confessed dopers or were caught doping. And there’s still the matter of Lance’s hundreds of clean tests.

    If Lance keeps his mouth shut, I don’t see how this is any more than a he-said/she-said situation, with one side being a likable hero and the other a collection of confessed cheaters.

    • JimmyAbra

      The “clean test” defense is always weak. Many dirty people test negative. Tests are calibrated to catch those where there is no doubt. But in reality, more dirty people test as clean than dirty people test as dirty. When Hamilton talks about the testing the teams do for blood levels, they know the range they need to be to lessen their chances of testing dirty.

      • cjw5281

        Sure, I’ll accept that. But he has nothing but clean tests, when people were trying to catch him for years.

        My bigger question: where is the proof of guilt? The ONLY thing they have is the testimony of proven cheaters.

        I’m not saying Lance is innocent. What I’m saying is that 1) you have a public that I believe wants to trust Armstrong and 2) there’s no proof of guilt.

        I am saying that I respect Bob’s opinion (he’s forgotten more about cycling than I know), but I don’t see how Lance gets taken down unless one of two things happens: 1) he opens his mouth 2) Congress gets involved and gets him on tangental evidence.

        • TalkieToaster2

          Barry Bonds never failed a drug test. Nor did Roger Clemens, or Jason Giambi.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I just find it sad. How many people looked up to Armstrong as a hero? I know doping is common but why do honest men have to be so frigging uncommon?

  • holyreality

    Much ado about nothing. Well a lot more than nothing, but the war on drugs must endure, or our way of life is in danger:P

    Without the drug war, prisons would be empty, pharmaceuticals would not run our lives, and sports would be honest.

    Run bicycle races like sports car races, different classes for different drug/non drug riders.

    The 24 hours at Leman has 2 prototype, and 2 sportscar classes all running the same race. It seems to do fine. After a few years of EPO, HGH, and testosterone classes line up against organic riders, we shall see how much “advantage” doped riders are.

    And after a few years, when riders die from side effects, or survive and flourish, we will see what is wrong, or right, and go from there.