Weiner Gate

Andrew Breitbart is investigating the most serious issues. Not the economy or the climate crisis or even the hostilities in Syria. Nope -- Breitbart is delving into whether or not Anthony Weiner tried to send a pseudo-crotch-shot via Twitter. And it's overtaken his entire Big Government website.

Just like Dylan Ratigan said, Breitbart is obviously a “sharpshooter who’s good,” a “smart man,” and “an incredibly passionate and effective man.”

Of course, once Weiner has been publicly disgraced, you can expect Breitbart to admit that it was a hacker who sent the photo and not Weiner himself. If not, an investigation will reveal this. And Breitbart will either ignore it, or he'll suggest the investigation was rigged, or he'll admit it -- just like he admitted to the ACORN fakery -- and laugh about how great it was to report about "Weiner's weiner." Har-har.

What a hero.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Once again, please, with feeling:


    • laddieluv

      I like the direction in which you’re going.

      But you’re insulting children. grins.

      How ’bout Breitbart is a human hemorrhoid?

      Works for me.

  • Grant Beaudette

    Apparently no one in the media has ever heard of the boy who cried wolf or else they would’ve stopped listening to Breitbart three “scandals” ago.

  • mattpd

    It’s been around for 40 years (from wikipedia)
    “Segretti famously coined the term ‘ratfucking’ [1] for recruiting conservative members to infiltrate opposition groups (and/or misrepresent them through false flag activities) in order to undermine the effectiveness of such opposition.”

    It just used to be criminal, now it’s first ammendment loving journalism!

    I was hoping this story wouldn’t catch on… just for once. Now I know that why it didn’t was because everyone was on holiday. Which should tell you that if it could wait until tuesday, is it really “news”.

  • cousinavi

    Already been debunked. Some wingnut named Dan Wolfe is responsible.
    He not only predicted the scandal two weeks early, but was coincidentally in the “right place at the right time” to catch the tweet in question.
    He further admits to an animus towards Rep. Wiener.
    He now insists that investigators can check his IP address which, he says, will prove he had nothing to do with it – as if that would prove anything.

    Wiener is retaining counsel with an eye to pursuing civil / criminal charges.

    James O’Keefe, Stranahan, now this pathetic doofus. Breitbart sure runs a crack operation.

    Fucking over ACORN, Shirley Sherrod (who still has a suit pending) and some NPR exec are three things. Climbing up Anthony Wiener’s ass is another.
    This is gonna have consequences.

    • nicole

      This is gonna have consequences.

      Care to speculate? I am so enraged right now, I’d personally like to go find the Breitbart moron and kick him in the crotch.

      Or, perhaps it’s time to give him a taste of his own assholery.

      Adding…speaking of Twitter accounts being hacked, mine was. I found out when OTOOLEFAN sent me a message responding to a message “I” had supposedly sent him.
      This is not unusual. Twitter has a serious problem with hackers, and they need to address it.

      • cousinavi

        Well…for one thing, the ACORN, Sherrod and NPR episodes, while employing deceptive editing, did NOT involve fraud, improper access to electronic communications, and identity theft.
        An action in defamation (as Sherrod filed) is certainly a possibility, but this goes further.
        Wolfe – whom I presume is the person responsible for the tweet in question (or, at least, one of his cohorts) – is open to some pretty serious criminal charges as well as a laundry list of tort headings for damages.
        I am not an American, and the vagaries and intricacies of US law are beyond my area of expertise…but it would not surprise me at all if there were specific criminal legislation on the books with regard to impersonating a US Congressman.

        Breitbart won’t face any criminal charges, unless it can be demonstrated BRD that he was in on it. He is, however, on the hook for publishing the false information on his site.

        Breitbart, the arrogant, puffed up bully, might be able to steamroll over ACORN and push it all off on O’Keefe. The NPR executive just wanted it all to go away. Sherrod has sued his racist ass.
        Anthony Wiener? I think he has made a serious fuckin’ mistake if he thinks he can jam up Tony. NOBODY jams up Tony.

        • nicole

          Thanks, Avi.

          Anthony Wiener? I think he has made a serious fuckin’ mistake if he thinks he can jam up Tony. NOBODY jams up Tony.

          From what I’ve seen of Anthony Wiener, I suspect you’re right. I hope he brings these fools DOWN.

      • muselet

        Breitbart lives in West LA, so less than an hour from me. Ask nicely and I might be convinced to pay him a call on your behalf. :^)

        • nicole

          Pretty please? :-)

          tell him nicole sent you. heh.