An Open Letter to Cable News People

Dear Cable News People,

Excluding the several prime time MSNBC hosts who have brains in their heads, you're hurting America again, Cable News People. And I'm not surprised. The story about Anthony Weiner and Twitter currently being peddled by Andrew Breitbart is a scam. It's a trick -- it's a ruse being perpetrated by Breitbart and his co-conspirators. Just another in a lengthening syllabus of tricks that Breitbart has foisted upon a gullible press during a rare span of slow news.

There is nothing that's real about what's happening. There's no hard evidence, other than a world of exculpatory evidence in favor of Anthony Weiner, beginning with Breitbart's record of proved (and admitted) hoaxes.

So, Cable News People, stop reporting this story. And if you must cover it, the only angle here is that Andrew Breitbart -- a known flim-flam artist -- is playing another obvious trick and trying to get away with it. Investigate that. Cover the fact that Breitbart is a professional troll who has no business being taken seriously by anyone. Shy of this angle, stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it.

Mahalo, etc.


  • vocqueen

    Come on now, Bob! If they did that, it would mean they’d actually have to do some real work. Can’t have that now, can we?

  • Joshua Solomon

    Can anyone say “ratfucking”?

  • BumpIt McCarthy

    Just watched idiot CNN on-air “person”alities agreeing with each other that Weiner should just come out and say he didn’t do it~ refusal to deny that he did it just feeding story! Shaking of on-air hair, tsking. Why do you make us repeat a repeated liar’s lies about you, Congressman?

    I don’t think they’re going to take that letter to heart.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Off Topic but how’s this for the compassionate conservatwits

    Congress is poised to cut 14 million for severly disabled childrens health care, They should all be SHOT ON SIGHT.

  • The_Dork_Knight
  • Bob Rutledge

    Weiner’s a loose cannon as far as The Establishment is concerned. At any time he could go off and — possibly, because he’s one of the few Liberals who get actual air time — thwart their self-enriching plan du jour.

    Therefore, he must be cuckolded. And no amount of truth or reality will stop the smear machine.

    • Lexamich

      Tell it like it is, Mr. Rutledge.

  • CarolS

    If they want to hype a scandal, it should be this one..

    • Bob Rutledge

      Or Coburn’s abetting of Ensign’s shenanigans, or “Ginni” Thomas taking money to tell her hubby how to vote, or… I could go on and on.

  • eaglesfanintn

    For what it’s worth (probably not much) but I was listening to a non-political radio show yesterday, but one of the guest co-hosts was on McCain’s staff and worked at the Pentagon and has shown to be pretty much right-leaning on other topics. Even she said that she would be very surprised if this really came from Rep. Weiner and went on to talk about him, if not in glowing terms, certainly in respectful ones.
    If the source of this “reporting” isn’t enough to make you skeptical, certainly the target of it should be. What did he say on the floor of the House? Something to the effect of “the gentleman will not yield.” Something tells me that will be true in this case as well.

  • Ken Johnson

    I’m glad I dumped my satellite service a year ago. Are they really covering this as a serious news story? The whole thing is so laughable. A member of congress posting a boner pic on his own Twitter account? I am flabbergasted that anyone would believe this for even half a second.

    • The_Dork_Knight

      Members of congress often do stupid things, like post half naked pictures of themselves on craigslist. I know Weiner says he was hacked. Can someone please link to the “world of exculpatory evidence”?

      • Ken Johnson

        Give me a freaking break, dork! That Congressman you speak of e-mailed those photos in response to a Craigslist ad and he pretended to be a divorced lobbyist rather than a married Congressman. That is a lot different that posting a boner pic of yourself on your own official Twitter account. I can’t even imagine the stupidest Republican in Congress doing something like that, let alone a man as intelligent as Weiner.

        And then there is the fact that it has been debunked as an obvious Photoshop job. And yet these MSM fools are apparently covering this nonsense. The media and this country jumped the shark awhile ago, so not much surprises me anymore. However, I must say that I am surprised that a non-story as ridiculous as this is gaining any traction at all. Especially when it is being pushed by a known pathological liar.

        • The_Dork_Knight

          Lol. Calm down Ken. I’m with you. Media sucks. Wiener rocks. I agree. I’m just looking for a link. Because Weiner and I are generally “on the same team” he gets a little more benefit of the doubt that the average Republican stooge, but I don’t turn my brain off completely, so I would like a link please…

      • Clancy

        I agree that members of Congress are capable of the sheer stupidity (and hubris) of what Weiner is accused of here. That really shouldn’t be debatable as Congressmen have done far, far worse than this. (Even though I don’t believe it in this instance simply because Breitbart is involved. His credibility is so suspect that he could tell me the sun rose in the east and I would thereafter be certain that it came up in the west.)

        As far as exculpatory evidence, there is plenty. You can find a lot of it explored (with plenty of links) in a diary over at DKos:
        It’s possible that someone has a more update version somewhere else.

        Something else that’s bothering me on this story, something of which Weiner’s supporters and detractors are equally guilty: His name is spelled Weiner (e before i), not Wiener (i before e). The first is a common family name. The second is a hot dog (derived from Vienna Sausage). Most of the time, this isn’t a big deal, but in this instance, it sort of feeds the frenzy on the more puerile elements of the story.

        • The_Dork_Knight

          Nice. Thank you. That was excellent.

        • Dan_in_DE

          Let me also add, as the resident German expert here – the name Wiener means literally someone or -thing from Vienna (in German spelled Wien). Hotdogs happen to be nicknamed wieners because they’re similar to sausages from Vienna. Whereas Weiner would mean cryer or weeper. Of course, when Anthony Weiner’s ancestors arrived at Ellis Island or whereever, it was I’m quite certain changed from the former to the latter because it looks more American to switch the ‘i’ and the ‘e’.

          • Joshua Solomon

            No, it probably was “Weiner”, if it wasn’t something completely different and unrelated phonetically to begin with (believe me, I’ve see it in my own family with Elimelech becoming Wetstone). “Weiner” in Yiddish means “wine-maker”, which probably means one of his ancestors was a vintner.

          • Dan_in_DE

            Excellent points. Yes, wine-maker in German would be Winzer, which occured to me, but I forgot that Yiddish would be some variant of that- and after all, Weiner clearly has some Jewish ancestry. This being undisputable fact when you consider John Stewart’s crazy made-up story about the ‘freeloader’s weekend’ parties that Weiner threw at Dewey Beach back in the day.

  • Ninure

    Sure do wish they’d read this!!