Democratic Capitulation

Yeah, Anthony Weiner is a dumbstupid and a victim of "testosterone poisoning" (whatever that means), but one thing is for certain: he should not resign. The Democratic leadership, however, disagrees.

Top Democratic leaders urged U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign on Saturday, calling the disgraced Democrat's actions "indefensible" after admitting sending graphic photos to women online.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., the chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, released statements within minutes of each other Saturday.

If it turns out that Weiner had sexual communications with an underage girl, okay. Resign. I'll help shove him out the door if I need to. But for now, don't cave in to the demands of a pack of family values hypocrites. Grow some spine, Democrats.

Adding... Weiner is taking a leave of absence:

Shortly after the calls for resignation were delivered, reports emerged that Weiner was, indeed, checking into a treatment center -- though where and for what precisely (depression? addiction?) wasn't immediately clear.

Weiner's office put out a statement confirming those reports and announcing that he had requested a "short leave of absence from the House of Representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well."

  • Brian C

    If every politician who lied had to resign we’d have no Congress left. What Anthony Weiner did, as stupid as it was, pales in comparison to some of the shit our erstwhile opponents are indulging in. In fact, here’s one example:

    I wonder: why no outcry over this douchebag X 10?

    It is entirely up to the good people of NY-9 who represents them in Congress.

    Having said that, I called for his resignation on Monday last week for entirely political purposes. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts and comments from progressives saying he’s been an excellent fighter for progressive causes and done many things Democrats in Congress should have been doing all along but refused to. All true. However, if it’s an effective advocate for progressive causes we want (and, I believe, need) Weiner became as of Monday the wrong guy. When he stood before the microphones and confessed to his activities as well as his attempted cover-up (which I hasten to say was a good thing), his credibility went instantly to zero. As a fighter for progressive causes, he’s finished.

    As long as he sticks around he provides a convenient whipping boy and vehicle for Republican obfuscation. It’s as if he handed the GOP an axe handle and said, “Here, beat us about the head and shoulders with this for as long as you like.” As long as he remains in Congress he serves as a ball and chain, slowing down and diverting attention from the Democratic agenda. Example: where’s all the media talk about Medicare these days?

    On the other hand, if his constituents want him to stay on to continue representing them and he stays in Congress to do that, so be it. We’ll just have to refocus our efforts to steer the debate back to where it belongs and move on as best we can. But, damn it’s frustrating that nearly every time we have the GOP on the ropes something happens, usually self-inflicted, to give them a reprieve and new momentum.

  • Anthony

    Howz about we all take pictures of our boxers in support of Weiner?

    Ya don’t have to be in them, per say (they can be laid on the floor if ye wish), but if you do, kudos. Extra points for an erection (or a banana to impersonate said erection). Be creative with this! Add some humor that mocks the crass stupidity of the drama the media is whipping up!

    With that, we all come with a petition for the Democrats to keep Weiner in, saying “WE SUPPORT WEINER. WHAT ABOUT YOU?”* or perhaps “I PERFER A WEINER OVER A REID.”

    Bring up the Zadroga Bill and Weiner proverbially bitch-slapping the cowards who had the galls to turn it down for the sake of tax cuts. Add to that: “That was Weiner taking the fight towards the Republicans. Have any of you fought like that?”

    *The other thing to add to that was WE’LL SHARE THE SHAME. I don’t know if anyone is willing to do that, but I definitely would if brings the message to the Democrats (and a fat, throbbing middle finger to the Republicans) and knew where to post it…

  • dildenusa

    Asshole politicians don’t understand that the Internet is not a toy. I’m not a GOD squad whacko but just imagine if Gutenberg, when he invented moveable type for his printing press had printed sexually suggestive novels instead of the Bible, although the first 5 books of the Old Testament are a sexually suggestive novel and the non-fiction part of the Old Testament (Samson, King David, etc.) is a sexually suggestive true story.

    • Sean Richardson

      So far as I understand, the vast majority of early printing done was pornographic in nature.

  • nicole

    Almost off-topic. :-)

    Going through old vids of Weiner on the House floor, and came across this one where Weiner is not allowed to say [on the record] that “Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance companies”, among other no-nos.

    Bunch of damn fascists.

  • incredulous72

    I’m iffy on the rehab thing. Does he really need rehab in order to evaluate that he’s going through a mid-life crisis? The media making a gigantic deal over “HE LIED” is laughable at best and hypocritical to say the least on the part of the MSM (not to mention the idiots on both sides calling for his resignation).

    The decision of whether or not Weiner leaves should be left to his constituents, which last I checked (because they do polls of whether or not he should leave every 4 hours up here in NY) were overwhelmingly supportive of him to stay on.

    Again, Weiner should resign when Vitter does. Simple as that.

    Now Democrats in Congress, go get a damn backbone and start standing up to these filthy republican bullies!

  • Bubble Genius

    Maybe he’s taking a leave of absence to attend photography class to take better pictures of his cock. This whole thing is ridiculous. If the worst thing he did was send his junk through the intertubes to other consenting adults, get him back to fucking work. I even understand the lying.

    But he hasn’t raped a chambermaid, or killed anyone, either directly or indirectly. He hasn’t made wide swaths of the middle class suffer by voting to defund Planned Parenthood, or WIC. He hasn’t made the lives of the poor worse by fighting to relax regulations on businesses who clearly need more regulation.

    If you want to yell for the resignation of an asshole who directly contributes to the suffering of a great many Americans, let’s get Cantor to rehab. Mitch McConnell should resign instantly.

    But a penis? Really? What year is this?

    • nicole

      co-sign. emphatically.

  • sammy1864

    TEMPORARILY leaving for therapy is a good thing.
    He should also announce that he will personally stop using his Twitter account and that his twitter account will be used only for one way communication with constituents regarding OFFICIAL business/announcements. (It should be handled by staff.)
    The same statement should be made regarding his Facebook page as well as any other electronic social media sites.
    In addition, he should announce that from now on, ALL professional/business communication to and from him should now be done via written letter or email.
    Along with his therapy, this would demonstrate to all concerned a sincere effort to return to the serious adult business in front of him and to leaving his embarassing adolescent behavior behind.

  • Clancy

    Didn’t Bob & Elvis discuss ‘testosterone poisoning’ during their recent show in which they covered Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exercise regime and resulting grabassery?

  • nicole

    Exactly how i feel.

    Facebook page encouraging Weiner not to resign.

  • JMAshby

    Rehab? I guess Hollywood has come to DC via your very liberal media.

  • LaurieInQueens

    This whole thing is absurd. He’s my Congressman and unless he has broken the law, I (and my fellow NY-9 constituents) will decide if he should stay or if he should go, thank you very much. And last I checked, simply talking to a 17-year-old was neither illegal nor immoral. If it is, we should all be in prison.

    • dildenusa

      I agree………. but he’s still a scum bag.

      • nicole

        No. Scumbags are people like John Ensign, Carl Rove, George Bush, ad infinitum.

        Weiner is just screwed up. Remember that we are only talking about his personal life. And, stupidity and sex addiction are not crimes.